Wednesday, 1 June 2011

My Day - June 1st 2011

Started at a pretty standard time , waking at about 12 noon. I guess I am a lazy mofo sleeping in til midday but meh, I do need my beauty sleep! Anyhow..Showered then went downstairs to see what was what, spent the night at my Grandparents where I have a room/bed.

I wander in the living room and one of my little cousins is just wandering around the room, not even really doing an awful lot, so I say hi and we have the longest conversation about Lego Batman..and then super smash bros, like seriously...this conversation lasted well over an hour, the whole time the lil fella is marching up and down the living room, kinda gave me a headache keeping the convo up but it was interesting to say the least.

The other troops arrived consisting of my Aunt, my cousins Evie and Molly and their lil friend Ruby...we had a bit of lunch and then chilled in the garden, fun fun. Twas quite sunny and lovely outside.

We then headed over to my Dads house to see my other siblings, Thomas, Elizabeth and Alfred. Played in the garden for a few hours, then I introduced Tom to Xbox Live!! I had knew he would want to play Zombies so I took my own xbox over to his house, you see he has an xbox but the old one which has no built in wifi, I took mine and set it up and introduced him to COD MW2 online, admittedly he was only rocking a 4/14 kpd ratio, I mean the kids 14...he is pro at guitar hero and I am sure with a few more sessions with the master (me) he will be rocking a 1/1 in no time.

A day previous I had been over my dads and Thomas asked me to do his rubiks cube, I sat for nearly an hour baffled at why I couldn't solve it, it really pickled my brain so I promised when I next came over I would bring my cube to try and figure it out. It took me 20 minutes to compare the cubes and figure out some little shit had swapped a white sticker over with a blue one, which totally throws the possibility of solving out the window..Anyhow, I fixed it and reset the stickers and solved that badboy! Nailed it!

Had some pretty lush hotdogs and pizza for dinner with the kids, my aunt and my step mum, then went back upstairs for some xbox action! played a few rounds then my dad got in from work, the littlens were now playing the wii and I challenged them to a sword fight, oh what a rookie error, me..having never played before up against a child...odds are definitely in my favour, couldn't be more wrong, I got annihilated by my little brother, I took it on the chin and left them to it.

We watched Britain's Got Talent then I decided to walk back to my grandparents, I assume they are at the pub as the door was on the latch and the curtains were closed, since then I have been chilling with the dog, watching crap on tv and writing this, oh my life is amazing!

Proof I can solve the cube, recorded a while back, Enjoy.

Off to Thorpe Park tomorrow which should be a laugh, other than that...over and out.

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