Monday, 6 June 2011

June 6th - Living on a Prayer.

I was having a bad dream, can't quite remember what it was about but I rolled over and awoke in a frantic state, I could hear what sounded like a saw going nearby, I grabbed my dog to check the time, it was like half 8 give or take a bit, Turns out my grandad had been doing a bit of DIY and was cutting some wood to build a tv stand for upstairs-upstairs...why he chose to do it first thing in the morning is beyond me, but eh each to their own.

After the sawing had ceased I let a sigh of relief before flipping my pillow to a colder side and nodding back off to sleep, I hadn't made any plans for the day so felt no need to get up at such a time.

Come noon I woke up again and decided to get dressed and start my day, I wander down stairs and I'm met by two strangers sat at our dining table, a lad and lass who I had never met before, they go to uni with my sister so I introduced myself and shook hands as you do when you first meet people, can't for the life of me remember their names. I continue into the kitchen where Emski is with another Uni friend, name also forgotten, they were just having a spot of lunch before going off to kettles yard (I think, wasn't payin attention as had just gotten up) for part of their course.

They left and I grabbed myself a sammich, (Oh Will you spelt Sandwich wrong...oh noes) which contained ham and cheese, I cracked open a pack of "Salt Your Own" and to my utter dissatisfaction there was no salt sachet, I was absolutely livid. Two days on the run I had opened a packet and not had a salt sachet, I put a few of the crisps in my sammich to add a bit of crunch and ate the rest unsalted.

Hopped onto my nans laptop (Mine's dead still :/) and continued my job search, looked on gumtree and jobsearch sites but didnt really see anything decent, I also realised I need to make a new CV because my one is on my laptop which is lame and dead so that's a no go, it's been over a year since I made a CV so I sucked at attempting to get one together, I bore'd it off and decided to leave it for now.

I chilled on facebook for an hour or so still looking around for jobs and reading up how to make a decent CV then decided I would pop over to my dads to play a bit of xbox. I headed over at about 3:30 and played with Alfred and Lizzie in the garden for a bit before heading upstairs and playing some COD MW2 on my xbox I loaned to T-Dog, had a few rounds then my pal Tommy got on and we played a few more, I stayed over for dinner which was at like 6:30pm, we had Chicken kiev and chips, beans and pasta, I gave the pasta and beans a miss but tucked into the chunky chips and kiev! Dad wasn't due home til 7-7:30.

We chilled in the living room and watched St Trinians 2, which I must admit is quite a decent film, I helped Alfred complete some little game on the computer where you are on a bike and you can change colours of your vehicle, you have to be the same colour as the paths to ride on them, I was in control of the throttle and he was in control of the colour changes, we made a good team and with a combined age of 27 we nailed it!

Dad got home and I offered to watch the kids so him and Kate could go out for some dinner and spend some time together, they gladly accepted and got changed and headed out, orders were for the kids (Fred and Liz) to go to bed when the film finished so I gave the orders at 8:30 for them to head upstairs, they started moaning so I ended up telling them if they behaved and were quiet I would put a film on for them. Matilda was chosen and I left them to it.

I return downstairs and T-Dog had assumed control of the TV, he had put on some program with Bon Jovi on he kept fastforwarding the talking and only watched the songs which was actually quite pleasant, they did an acoustic version of "Living on a Prayer" which was ace to say the least.

9PM came around and it was time for a bit of local action on the box, forget "Only way is Essex" and "Geordie Shore", Cambridge has a show that is better! "Cop Squad" is a new show starting NOW on Sky 1, it follows police around my home city and is actually quite funny, seeing people I know and live around...nice to see the old bill doing a good job.

Half way through the show and its pretty decent, gonna head off now as this isn't my laptop but it's been a decent day even though I've not really done much.

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