Friday, 23 December 2011

The Death of a Friend.

It's been a while since I last posted, about the wonderful SponsoredTweets, since then I've earnt a few dollars here and there with advertising which is pretty decent,

A good friend of mine kicked the bucket last week and I was heartbroken to say the least :/

So yeah, what will happen now that little daft sod, the 'supreme leader of North Korea' is no more? I for one do not know, personally I don't all care that much, North Korea has always brought many a 'lol' to my life.

A few pictures first? to set the mood!

Dang this guy was one sexy mofo!

Kim in his better known role!

Anyhow, Some people believe this guy is a hero, scholar, gentleman and true inspiration...I on the other hand just think he was a tool, I mean you should not speak-il (puntastic) of the dead but it's just what I feel in my heart.

Let's look at a few examples which back my thoughts of major douchery conducted by this man/thing. I really don't know where to start so I will approach this in a random manner.

To kick off let's look at his 'Titles', he had over 50 of them, the best ones include: Guiding Star of the 21st Century, Brilliant Leader, Commander-in-Chief, Guiding Sun Ray, Highest Incarnation of the Revolutionary Comradely Love, Party Center, Ever-Victorious, Iron-Willed Commander, and Dear Leader, who is a perfect incarnation of the appearance that a leader should have.

So...this one time the poor bastard fell off a horse, he hurt himself (aww diddums) and had to take some pain killers to help ease his pain...this is standard, oh wait what? oh that's right because he thinks he is a big shot he ordered a handful of his staff take the same medication. He also made the horse take the pain medication – and his dogs..Is this guy foreal? Oh dear...

Let's carry on,

Kim Jong-Il's official bio at various times claimed he was the world’s greatest golfer, saying he nailed five holes-in-ones on his very first round! Another talent of his was that he could control the weather with his mood, wouldn't that be so fucking sweet to be able to do that? The best part though (and the silly NK sods believed him?) was that he did not defecate. Ever?!  That’s right.  He never pooped – not once in his life.  He was the first non-pooper in human history.   And his urine?  Well, they say it was gold, pure gold.

So is it him who is the douche or everyone who believed this bullshit?? There's more...

The the supreme leader of North Korea was somewhat obsessed with Katy Perry. (understandable right?)  It's been reported that he would often dance around his palace singing to Katy Perry in his beautiful little voice. He sent her a ton of love letters, I guess she just laughed and binned them? He wasn't pleased so sent a North Korean spy team to England to steal her away from Russel Brand.  They never made it – and instead defected to Portugal. He was livid.

Oh listen to this too...

One of his unofficial titles was The Central Brain.   He often said that his brain was ten times bigger than Einstein’s and told sources close to him that President Obama’s brain was the smallest of any leader on the planet.

So do you still think he is a top guy?

Here's some other random shit about that guy:
  • In 2004, Kim Jong-Il claimed to have invented the hamburger
  • Kim Jong-Il once attempted to ship all the short people out of North Korea
  • Kim Jong-Il's favorite movies were Friday the 13th, Rambo, and Godzilla
  • Kim Jong-nam, the oldest son of Kim John-Il, was originally going to replace his father but lost his chance after a "botched attempt" to visit Japan's Disneyland
  • Kim Jong-Il was actually born in Siberia, making him Russian 
  • Kim Jong-Il's biography claims his birth was "foretold by a swallow and heralded by a glorious double rainbow and the appearance of a new star"
  • Kim Jong-Il planned to breed giant rabbits to solve North Korea's hunger problems
  • When he was forced to give up cigarettes for health reasons, Kim Jong-Il forced the entire country to do the same - effectively banning them
  • Kim Jong-Il reportedly injected his body with the "blood of virgins" in an effort to stay young, guess that didn't work?
I guess when I think about it I love the guy for the laughs he has brought me, deep down though he was a douche, but like all deaths I wish his family and friends well, may he rest in peace,

God speed.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sponsored Tweeting!

Gooday folks!

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If you are a blogger, twitter whore or someone with the potential of followers I urge you to check out this website, the concept is simple; if you have a ton of people following you on twitter you can be paid to tweet little links, adverts, sponsored wonders and the likes.

It's all legit and easy to use, simply sign up, link your twitter account and you are ready to go. Depending on your follower base they suggest  a reasonable price to charge for posting ads, if you are a frequent tweeter you can easily rack up the wouldn't add that much hassle to your day it takes a few clicks.

The website I speak of is "Sponsored Tweets" and I really think it can be worth your while if you spend a fair bit of your day on twitter already, best make the most of it!



Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Growing up I always wanted to be a Dolphin!

..O.k I lied I never once said when I was young that I wanted to be a dolphin, I never really was a fan...however in my teens I began watching dolphins as a past time. They are fascinating animals to say the least.

Why dolphins are awesome.
  • They can do crazy flips and shit! - Don't believe me YouTube them!
  • They have been known to aid humans in danger; in 2004 a bunch of dolphins swarmed some swimmers in NZ to defend them from a shark for like 40 minutes.
  • Dolphins in the wild will seek out humans and surf alongside boats just for play.
  • A dolphin can emit a sonic boom loud enough to stun a fish. 
  • They're cute
  • They make cool noises
  • Did I mention the crazy flips and shit?
Dolphins are also big pranksters, often harassing turtles by rolling them over on their backs. They've been seen pulling out the tail feathers of poor pelicans minding their own business on the water, purely for the lulz.

So they're intelligent, have a great sense of humour and love interaction with boats and humans; swimming and showing off alongside them on the waves.

Oh to be a dolphin for a day, well maybe you can!

This post was originally inspired by GB rower Alex Gregory who tweeted a link to a fascinating and desirable gadget.

So what is this fascinating link that was tweeted? It's only a bloody jet-pack that makes you swim like a flippin' dolphin!

Check out this awesome invention over at The Next Web 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

PayPal : Are you foreal?

Christmas time, the time for giving...Oh's not a cat? we can't help you!

I was trolling the internet today and came across an interesting article about PayPal, basically they were being ridiculously out of order towards this site who were buying/selling presents and raising money for poor kids over Christmas, seems like a good cause? I thought so too..

I read this shocking report and found a new fuel for anger within a company I had always appreciated and always thought had "charity" in mind, it would seem otherwise...

So join in the petitions and spam the shit out of those tramps over at PayPal. It's already trending on Twitter, great work twerps!

If you need emails or numbers to get your point across look here.

Merry Xmas! You Filthy Animals!

Monday, 5 December 2011

CSM - The Push For Promotion!

So I started back on Cs-Manager the other week, I was given a shoddy team who were 12th in the league.

I shrugged it off and said to myself I could pull myself up to the top 5, as a personal goal. I created some pretty swish tactics and have pulled back a ton of points, winning the last 6 of my league games (all the games since I activated account)

Current league looks as follows with one game to go, it all comes down to tomorrows performance by myself and the team above me.

I am pretty certain I will win my last game landing me on 32 points, Clan_982706 will lose to Mr men, sitting on 32 but I beat it with better round difference.

This then leaves my potential fight for play-offs in the hands of NEEKS CLAN who have just signed up and been given a shoddy crew, much like myself before.

NEEKS CLAN have won their last two games, which is excellent and their activity is 5/5 making their clan perform at 100%, Rolling Stones has actually been banned for some reason (they still have to complete the season before being removed), they won 6 games in a row until tonight when they drew, they are banned and thus inactive so it's Players will play 75% of their maximum performance.

I have mailed NEEKS CLAN and told them I need them to have a big win and I am willing to help with tactics to do so, hopefully they'll be nice and let me help them win, getting myself into play-offs and then allowing me to kick ass and get promoted. It would be the epic ending to an awesome come-back.

I will definitely be getting promoted anyway, due to banned users and inactive clans, but I would love to get the promo by actually winning it.

We'll see.

Friday, 2 December 2011

CS:GO Beta - My Two Cents

As you gamers should be aware the beta for the latest addition to the Counter-Strike franchise went live on the 30th, there have been a large selection of people who have been badmouthing the game already within it's first few days of being live,

CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO will introduce new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards, and more.

Having had the privilege to play the game myself I can say that I think it's truly beautiful and Valve/Hidden Path Entertainment have done well in my eyes so far; and I've only seen one map and one game-type.

Sadly there is currently only one map available on the beta and this is the old favorite, Dust, the map features the same layout as previous CS however it has a few little extras to make it look fresh and up-to-date. One major edit to the map is that there is now a stairwell/passage which leads around from the ledge to the underpass which really throws you off-guard first time around.

I think the graphics are great for the game it is. CS players have never been raging and demanding super OMGWTFBBQPWN graphics, they love the style of the game, the feel of the mouse and the way it's played, having super high-tech graphics would just slow them down and make the game less wide-spread across the world in requiring shit-hot computers to run it...

The buy menu is beautiful and easy to navigate, obviously first time players will take a round or to to get their buys in sync but after a few games you should be good to buy your gear in a  matter of seconds.

The buy menu shows you what you have already on your person, it then splits into the weapon/equipment categories, you don't have to click specific little buttons just move your mouse in that direction and it'll highlight it. You can also "Auto Buy" which will equip you with the best items you can afford.

The 'Re-Buy Previous' is a nice thing to have at hand and allows you to re-buy everything you had the round previous (if you have the cash).

Two great little pieces of equipment have been added to the new game: rush-blocking molotov cocktails and decoy grenades that emit sounds of gunfire when thrown, both are excellent additions to the game and will in time make teams and players re-think strategies and tactics.

The game is fun, of course it is! The only downer I felt was that there was only one map available and one game type open on beta, other than that I thought it was well made so far and by 2012 when it's due for release it will be one of the best FPS out there.

Another excellent thing about this game is that cross-platform multiplayer has been confirmed between Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and PlayStation 3...This could prove to be very exciting in the future.

I will warn you now though, there is already a few shit-hot snipers about so when the game does go live I really think shit will hit the fan.

Below are a bunch of screen-shots of the buy menu/weapons so far, enjoy.

Here's one "Before & After" image I found on the web, it shows how pretty they've made it.

Monday, 28 November 2011

First game victories!

On CSM I played my first official league match, my Counter-Terrorist tactics sucked however my Terrorist tactics allowed me to pull it back for a win. It's safe to say my new lad '½ pint' kicked serious ass; 46 kills, 29 head-shots...thankyouverymuch.

I was that happy I recorded the second half, if you feel like a browse. Ignore the shoddy soundtrack that cuts out towards the end, damn software.

Onwards and upwards :)

3 Days to Mo' - Last call for donations.

Good afternoon,

Sitting in my "Creative Computing" lecture right now but it would appear I have already completed the work set (in record time might I add) so thought I would do my rounds, check twitter, check facebook, check my Movember page to see any recent activity.

I was happy to see that overnight a friend of mine, and GB rower, Alex Gregory had been kind enough to donate £15 to the excellent cause, I mean this guy is a legend, a world class gold medallist rower, a family man and to top it all he has his own Wikipedia page.

This kind-heartedness makes my total so far £73, which is great. It's not always about the money, raising awareness to the masses about mens' health is the important part, getting the word out there, encouraging men to get health checks, spreading information about what is what and how things work, and mostly letting us gents know that we do have plenty of support out there.

That being said I would still like to hit the £100 mark with donations, it's more of a personal goal than anything, I wont lose sleep over it if it doesn't happen but I sure would feel good about myself if I could nail it.

Here are a few snaps of my progress throughout the month,

Here's a picture from last year when I was being a lazy hobo and didn't shave my beard either, I thought I would include it purely because it's 'boss'. It wasn't even November.

A huge THANK-YOU to those who have donated so far, you rock!

Alex Gregory 
Mike Beck 
Nana & Grandad Gooding
Siobhan Kinsella
Jo Coles
Sam Freed
Sophie Laing
Julie Frasz

If anyone still wishes to donate, or share my link, please do!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

CSM - A Fresh Start.

Today I was looking for something to do and I remembered an old game I played maybe 2-3 years ago called CSM, Counter-Strike Manager.

It's a fun little online game where you take control of a CS clan, you train them, give them team tactics, hire staff, training facilities, buy them new tech to play on, there's a selection of things you can do to try and benefit your team in some way but you better be sure to keep finances in check or ittl all go Pete Tong and you'll have to start again from the bottom with a new clan.

I re-signed up to the site today at and was lumbered with a league 4.7 team, my team were 12th in the league with shocking stats so far,

There are 50 days in each season, every week day you play a league game, sadly I joined up at a bad time in the league, day 35 of 50 however with some decent strategy and a bit of work I aim to finish middle of the table, edging towards top 5.

I had a lot of hard work ahead of me, I sold two of the young chaps on my team and picked up one older guy who will last me at least one season to bring in some wins and extra cash for the clan.

The current team I have is as follows, (until I get my new guy tonight) :

As you can see not the most skilled team, however they are young and I am only league 4.7 so it's as good as I would get at this level, it at least gives me something to work with.

I snatched up a bargain on the transfer market last night and picked up this veteran, he is 37 so his skills will soon start to deplete, however he will be sufficient enough to get me through the rest of this season and potentially next season before I need to get rid of him. By that time I will have made more than his worth back in pennies so it's all gravy. Only cost me 500csm(currency) which was cheap as chips so we shall see how he gets on.

My tactics are made and my team are ready for their first League game managed by me, none of this AI default tactics lark, some bad ass tacts and a decent-ish strategy and we should be in for a good end of the season.

For a better look at what CSM is have a look through this.

If you like Counter-Strike, Manager games, Strategy games, Online communities and Tactical thinking this could be right up your street,

If you decide you would like to sign up please do so using my referral. I am BehemothCousins in game if you need me for anything,

God Speed.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Talking to yourself doesn't necessarily mean you're mad...

Do you ever have moments when you see the littlest of things and then you are just laughing? Today was one of those days, I have this building outside my bedroom which I often look at, it makes me smile..

You see the building looks as if it has a face and it's surprised by something, I play out little scenarios in my head as to what this building is looking at and reacting too, maybe I am just weird like that but eh... have a ganders.

Here is the building overlooking my bedroom.

I was messing around on Photoshop earlier too, adding in little things to my made up scenarios however I am too ashamed to upload them here.

On another little adventure, with me being a poor student, I was hungry last night and was going to fix up some dinner, I didn't have an awful lot knocking about, 1 potato, 1 carrot and 1 parsnip.


"HAVE NO FEAR!" I thought to myself as I thought up something potentially amazing right there on the spot..

Little did I know that it was possible but I thought I would give it a go anyway. I peeled and boiled the three for about 20 minutes then mashed them up with a bit of butter and some pepper.. 


It was bloody lovely, if it's not trademarked I call dibs on the 'Mashed Pot-Car-Nips!' franchise!

That's all for today!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

BS Phillips Photography

'BS Phillips Photography' is a photography operation situated in the heart of Cambridge.

Photographer Ben Phillips’ love for photography started when he worked in a local shop processing 35mm film and digital photography.

In 2009 he picked up his first SLR camera and began taking pictures, he loves nothing more than viewing things through a lens. Since buying his first camera Ben has gone on to start his own business in this field.

Ben is an avid sports fan and enjoys taking photos all over the local sports scene however BS Phillips Photography is not limited to sports photography, they cover a wide variety of occasions including Sports, Motor Sports, Portraits, Weddings, Parties, Gigs, Event Photography and even Wildlife. I am sure they can cater for any event you wish to have captured.

BS Phillips Photography believes one of the most enjoyable factors of being a photographer and looking through a lens is capturing people enjoying themselves, capturing their smiles and capturing cherished moments or events which can then be viewed and remembered for years to come.

Looking through BS Phillips Photography’s galleries I can tell you now they’ve got some talent with a camera.

To find out more about BS Phillips Photography and have a look at some example albums go to their facebook page located HERE!

And now for a few snaps from 'BS Phillips Photography' that I like most.

Google Doodle - Stanislaw Lem

Was just trolling the interwebs today and like usual I see what Google have to offer, pretty much every other day of the week Google uploads a different "Google" image, you must know what I mean?? If not here are a few examples:


You get the idea, I think it's amazing that Google have different pictures , they have a vast selection for different countries, amazing art-forms, random imagery, sometimes videos, games...God I love Google today.

My favorite has to of been the PAC-MAN's 30th Anniversary Doodle, where you can actively play pac-man on the Google logo, the Halloween video was pretty amazing too..See below.

This brings me to today's 'Google Doodle' which is a little animation/game to celebrate the work of sci-fi genius Stanislaw Lem, it marks the 60th anniversary of the first book publication by Stanislaw Lem. 

The art itself was inspired by Daniel Mroz's illustrations for The Cyberiad, a series of short stories by Lem.

The Cyberiad, published in 1965, was a key work, although Solaris remains Lem's best known work – first published in 1961, it was made into a film by the Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky in 1972 and by the US director Steven Soderbergh in 2002.

Google really have delivered with this 'Google Doodle', not only is it fun and interactive, it remembers the life and work of a legend in sci-fi.

Head over to Google and have a ganders! I leave you with a few words from Lem himself.

"Chances are, you've never met a gruncheon, nor have you ever seen a targalisk, a shupop, a calinatifact or a thists. In fact, I'm almost certain that you've never laid your eyes on a worch, or enjoyed the beauty of a true priton. You have no idea what you are missing!"

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Good day fine people,

It's been a while since I updated my blog, I now enjoy several interesting nights involving my chocolate star fish.

Anyway, back on track, I thought I would bring to your attention the current on goings in my life; Movember.

For those eejits who have no idea what Movember is when all us heroes grow our moustaches and look like pedophiles for an excellent cause

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

In 2010, over 112,000 UK Mo Bros and Mo Sistas got on board, raising £11.7 million.

Here is the site I am on, and if you feel like donating please do! Dig deep!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Show me your "Bass Face"!

Last night was a jolly good night for me in Worcester, had a semi relaxed day, uni in the afternoon then planned a night of heavy drinking with a few lads from uni.

Drinks started at 9:30 and its was all down hill from their for our livers;

Two of our friends were feeling a bit tramp-ish sipping out of a lambrini bottle, for those who don't know what this is Google it, but it's basically what we drank when we were like and cheerful all the way!

Not to fear the Captain was here; fresh bottle of Morgans to compliment the night!

Listened to some sweet tunes and dirty drops then we got on the topic of "Bass Faces"...Everyone has a bass face, if you are near a mirror drop on some tasty tunes and find your bass face, make it a good'n then wear it with pride!!

Headed to the club and I don't recall much of the rest of the night if I'm honest, here was a pic before I went to bed...I shall let you fill in the gaps!