Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Show me your "Bass Face"!

Last night was a jolly good night for me in Worcester, had a semi relaxed day, uni in the afternoon then planned a night of heavy drinking with a few lads from uni.

Drinks started at 9:30 and its was all down hill from their for our livers;

Two of our friends were feeling a bit tramp-ish sipping out of a lambrini bottle, for those who don't know what this is Google it, but it's basically what we drank when we were like 13...cheap and cheerful all the way!

Not to fear the Captain was here; fresh bottle of Morgans to compliment the night!

Listened to some sweet tunes and dirty drops then we got on the topic of "Bass Faces"...Everyone has a bass face, if you are near a mirror drop on some tasty tunes and find your bass face, make it a good'n then wear it with pride!!

Headed to the club and I don't recall much of the rest of the night if I'm honest, here was a pic before I went to bed...I shall let you fill in the gaps!


  1. 9:30 is way too late to start drinking.

  2. @Mark any time is a good time for booze.

  3. You don't look wasted at all.. nuh uh.