Saturday, 1 October 2011

Return of the Jedi (behemoth) - New setup & "Evil Guys, Inc"

Well I finally am moved into my new place and have internet and everything sorted so I can finally get back to sharing my thoughts, life and soul with the world wide web!

First off apologies for the whole "not having internet" lark, wasn't an awful lot I could do to avoid that but eh I am back now,

Not an awful lot has happened though if I am honest, freshers week was alright, drank far too much and spent far too much money, I bought a new HD TV of which I have included a picture,

Uni is just starting back so let's hope this year will be a productive and fun one eh?

I have been Invited to join the 'Evil Guys, Inc' team which is a group of authors who will contribute to one blog of awesomeness which should be a laugh, we are a bit of an odd bunch and if we have something to say you can be sure that we will! It will be full of our teams' opinions, rants, rambles, facts, fiction and pretty much any random shit we wish to divulge.

Check us out at and on twitter @EvilGuysInc - We are in our very early stages of production but you wouldn't want to not follow us then hear how awesome we are further down the line from that one friend who could never be seen as cooler than you, until now.

Don't get left behind!


  1. Hey welcome back :) I'm jealous of your set up lol. The new place looks alright too, I already knew that random inanity too ^^ My sister is pregnant so I might have to encourage her to try that lol.

  2. checking out the evil guys stuff now. looks fun

  3. Wow, totally gonna check out those evil guys.