Thursday, 13 October 2011

Back in the Loop!

Good evening fine people! It's been a while I know but I've been back at uni and trying to get my head around "Object Orientated Programming" and visiting some Edward Elgar Museum and shit so yeah busy bee, little old me.

Spent the last weekend in Preston for one of my best mates' birthdays, it wasn't his birthday until the following Tuesday but throughout the whole weekend and up until my leaving on Monday he would say "But it's my birthday" or if we disagreed with him he would be all "You ruined my birthday"..All in all he is a little Irish Emo kid but eh was a good weekend,

After being accused of being a rapist called "Jake" by some asshats who live on Connor's woman's floor we hit some hard drinking and partying, I managed to convince everyone I was from Ireland which was a laugh hit up some club called "Warehouse" (I think) which was bloody amazing,

I mean the place itself looked a little scabby and sweaty and shit but the fact they had an emo/rock/metal floor blew my mind, there was magical rock goodness floating around on the bottom floor then you go up to another floor of different tunes then finally up once more to a loft-looking room for some sweaty beats and dirty dub...

Nearly got into a fight too for some unknown reason and ended up with bleeding knuckles when we got in (still no actual idea how).

On both my way there and back I missed my connector train so had to end up waiting firstly in Wolverhampton for an hour outbound then Birmingham for an hour return. God damn son of a bitch trains!

It was no bother though I had my Rubik's cube with me and a blanket so I was golden.

Since then I've been playing around with Photoshop and trying to learn about modelling and simulation which can be fun at times, like playing with rockets and shit in unreal editor...nay too bad.

Also been writing on a new blog a group of friends started called EvilGuysInc, check out my latest entry:

God Speed.


  1. hey dude it's Jonty! Choice blog bro :D I'm doing some programming atm myself, but it's my first time coding so I'm a little confused in places. Is it okay if I can hit you up for some tips if I need them?
    Cheers hun x

  2. lol that is quite a lot of things happening. I will agree trains suck major ass. I got stranded in London once. Damn trains.

  3. Sounds like you had a good week! I'm gonna check out your other blog right now!

  4. Sounds like fun.

    How the hell do you do that modelling and simulation stuff in photoshop?