Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Saransh 'Kiko' Agarwal

I've been thinking about this for a while and decided now would be a good time for me to talk about a friend of mine, His name is Saransh Agarwal and I met him last year as he moved over from India to come to University here in Worcester to study Business.

This picture says it all.

(Saransh isn't a geek this was at a murder mystery night)

Saransh is from India and has been writing music since he was 15, he has an album out already entitled "Sunburt" which can be downloaded here. He has told me in person that this album focuses on his thoughts and feelings he went through whilst coping with his parents split. It's a tough ordeal which I can relate to.

Alternatively you can listen to all his tracks here.

Here is one of the songs from his first album.

He is in the middle of writing a new album, the songs on his new album are amazing, he plays them to me on Skype and words cannot really describe this young artist's talent.

This second album focuses more on his time over here in Worcester, the people he's met, feelings and thoughts he has over various things/people, there are some pretty deep songs with a light and joyful sound. He may deny this but I can tell you now it is true.

He is meeting with an american producer on the 5th of august to see if he likes what Saransh has been working on, if he doesn't he is a fool. A friend of Saransh has also offered to help pay recording fees and the likes, if I had the money I would definitely invest is this beautiful talent.

Over here in Worcester we call him Kiko, it's his cute little nickname. Kiko is one of the coolest, down to earth, lads I have ever met and I am proud to call him a friend, he would always bring his guitar over before a night out and give us a few songs before we went out or he would walk over when we've got nothing planned and just come and jam for us whilst we chill around the house. I could literally just sit all day listening to this lad play his guitar all day every day.

He recently entered "Worcester's Got Talent" and made it to the finals, we all went to support him and we had the place rammed with Kiko fans.

Sadly I don't have any of his new songs recorded to share with you but I have provided his old album which shows you some of his talent, however I don't feel you'll understand how epic this lad is until his newest album is complete. I for one cannot wait.

I hope you enjoy Kiko as much as I do, he will be famous one day! You heard it here first!

Also, a fun little fact, Kiko doesn't sound Indian when he sings anymore! It's like he is an Englishman. Good ol' Kiko!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

July 26th - Harry Potter and a Broken Alba DVD Player :/

Went to the cinema today to see the newest Harry Potter, I have not read the book which is probably a good thing, had I read the book I feel I may have not liked the film as much as I did, was rather enjoyable to say the least.

Got in and my mum gave me her portable DVD player to look at, it is fairly old, an Alba, no idea what model or whatnot as it does not say, here's a pic.

Right, so it wouldn't even turn on, I took it apart gave it a dust, made sure shit was connected an voila it worked, well it booted at least :/

Put a DVD in to test it and it says "loading" and just spins forever getting faster and faster, it sounds like it is going to take off, I had a little fiddle and then tried a normal audio CD, it played it fine, I had a look on the interwebs but there is fook all help on there, apart from one dude who said my lens could be scratched or dirty, I cleaned it with a cotton bud and it doesn't look damaged at all yet no DVD's will play and audio CD's will.

If any of you nerds out there have any idea let me know,


Monday, 25 July 2011

It's been a while, apologies.

First off apologies for not having a post in like 5 days, I blew up my laptop charger last week and haven't got the cash to buy a new one yet, I tried to make a post on my phone but it just broke, so apologies there.

I managed to get on the home PC (I am at my mothers now) so I can inform you on what I've been up to, I've got quite a few pics in this post so may take a while for me to upload them.

Friday I went over to my dads to see Dad, Kate and the kids. I got over there and Dad was at work still and Kate was about to take the kids over to my Aunt S-J and Uncle Stewart's house to see them and their adorable little daughter Poppy so I tagged along.

Since my last visit they had built a cool little chicken pen and had acquired 3 chickens, I can't remember the names but poppy did tell me but its been ages since then and I'd not been able to get on PC to write it down, I feel so fail right now :/

Here's a few pics.

Also They have adopted a cute little kitten, long story short this kitten was found with it's litter (may have been abandoned I can't quite remember) and the vets had to put the others down, S-J's friend contacted SJ and asked if they could look after the kitten until it got better, she said she would if she could rename it, she was told to rename the kitten she had to keep it, so knowing our SJ that's what she did. Pablo (newly named) is about ten weeks old and still has a bit of a gammy eye, but with meds and care he should be top notch in no time :)

He is such a little cutey.

Saturday I was up and chilling with my little bro's Alfred and Thomas we were building k'nex, The Wheel had already been built the others are things we built together :)

Kate showed me a burn mark on her side, it was done by our tommo, he left the iron on there for some reason. I assumed he had been trying to iron a shirt or something but no, it was whilst he was doing some "Hama" beads...I also caught him watching Emerdale..Need I say more?

I had steak and omelet for breakfast on sunday before a day of fishing, sadly we only caught a few nippers, roach, rudd and perch. Nothing huge though and for a days fish it wasn't that productive.

Whilst fishing I discovered a new animal, the Mink, I had never seen one before but one was just strolling up the hill next to where I was sat I was all "John what is that weasel/ferrity looking thing" Turns out it is a Mink, you learn something new everyday eh?

We spotted it again later with a bird in it's mouth, I am guessing it had a little Mink family to feed :)

We also saw this big old bastard! Not sure if it is a caterpillar or what, so if you know let me know!

That's all for now folks, Thanks for tuning in.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Blown up charger, broken PS2 and a quick Xperia fix.

It's been a fairly busy day today,

Last night I was laying on the sofa chilling on my laptop and suddenly I hear a bang, and the leccy in my house cuts out, I sit up in confusion thinking "WTF?" then feel a sudden burn on my leg, my laptop charger was hotter than the sun! Turns out I blew the poor thing up (the 3rd replacement one I've had) and it had tripped the power, I flipped the switch on the leccy box and the power came back but my poor lappy was rendered powerless :/

I need to wait until I have some money to buy a new cable so unfortunately I only have the old desktop we have in the house to use now. Lame I know :(

A bloke turned up at 9am from the council today telling me he was here to change my taps and fix my toilet, I was not even aware they were in need of fixing.

I let him in and he slumped to the floor and started unscrewing things and getting on with his job, I felt bad for the guy, he must of been in his 40's and well over 20 stone, his ass was hanging out like a bike rack and he could barely breath, he was panting and wheezing whilst unscrewing my taps, some hardcore exercise right there! Anyway he changed my taps and fixed my loo then got on his way.

I chillaxed for the rest of the day, had sausage and mash for dinner with peas and carrots then my sister came down with my old ps2 telling me that the disc drive was fooked, it was fooked indeed.

The disc tray wouldn't shut and the bit where the laser pops up and down was reverse, so when you tried to shut the tray the center pops out...

Anyway I felt like I could tackle it so got straight on it, with my two screwdrivers.

I managed to get it apart and fix the disc drive, but as I rebuilt it I had this bloody metallic ribbon connector which I wasn't sure where the geoff it had come from, apparently its the connection from the power/reset button to the circuit. This is when I had to ask my pal Google.

I must of Googled about 20-30 different names as I hadn't got a clue what the official term for the cable/ribbon was, I finally found an article and got it back in place, plugged it in and it worked a charm.

Took a few snaps of my progress, in the first you can see the cable/ribbon/wire I was on about. (left)


Having kicked the PS2's butt I moved onto tackling my sisters locked Xperia x10, she is a muppet and typed her password wrong 20 times...not 3 or 4, you heard TWENTY TIMES!!

The phone is now locked for good...Googled the shit out of this problem and there wasn't all that much out there until I stumbled upon a little back alley thread which linked me to SEUS, Sony Ericsson Update Service, by updating the phone to the newest software it does a data wipe and factory reset, so I am hoping this fixes the problem, the software itself is 117mb and the dl speed here is shocking so it is taking a while.

Ten minutes in and we are still not there,

I am hoping this doesn't take too much longer.

The rest of my evening will consist of watching random shiz on t.v.

It's been a productive day! God Speed.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Oh what a day :)

I've just got in and showered and sat down to watch "Finding Nemo" and thought I would fill you lovely 100 or so wonderful people in on my day yesterday.

Two of my best buddies Wilson and Sophie were having a party, Sophie's birthday was in December and Wilson's was January, we didn't do an awful lot so a party was planned for now to make up for it. There was jelly wrestling, BBQ, swimming pool, lots of drinks and fun times to be had.

I had told them both I couldn't come which made them all sad, when really I had every intention of turning up I was just going to be late as the train would take me 4 hours, oh the joys.

The train journey wasn't too bad as I had a bunch of ciders, some paper, a pen and my rubiks cube, the ingredients for a nice ride. I wrote a mini book, made some pretty flowers and drew random shit, solved my cube about 20 times to help pass the time, here's a pic.

Got to the station at like 7pm and my mumma picked me up and took me over to Sophie's, party central.

Things were in full swing with a live band and drinks on the go, when I arrived Sophie comes hurtling out of the house and throws herself on me nearly taking me to the ground, her and my boy Wilson were so happy I could make it, as if I would miss something like this?!

There were jugs on the bar (a table with a shit load of drinks...aka the bar) for making cocktails and the lark but instead I just took a jug, wrote my name on her, and filled her up with rum, vodka, juice, lemonade and other random things, it was bright orange by the time I had mixed it up but it tasted alright.

The band were playing and people were in and out of the pool and getting their drink on. Every time we are at Sophie's house it is usual procedure for me to throw our good friend Sam in the pool (clothed or not), up until now she had been O.k as I wasn't there but now I had arrived she knew she was shit out of luck.

She always uses the excuse "I've got my phone and bag on me" which for some reason she hasn't realized is pointless, I confiscated her bag and gave it to her mum Sally (my second mother) and grabbed Sam to move towards the pool, the pool was a fair distance but the jelly pit was far closer so I opted to toss her fully clothed into the jelly wrestling pool, then rubbing jelly in and around her face.

The funniest part was watching her trying to scramble out of there it was hilarious to say the least. She finally got out then fell ass over tit, genius.

I refilled my now empty jug with a magical concoction then headed back to the pool area where I was set upon by at least 4 lads, James, Wilson and a few others...being mean trying to throw me in the pool..I was outnumbered but held my ground for a bit before finally thinking "Fuck it, I can probably take one of the chumps with me" so I tried to grab James but couldn't so ended up gripping Wilson's t-shirt, sure I was going to take him, I ended up in the pool with a handful of Wilson's t-shirt. He was livid.

The night went on and a load of others ended up in the pool, clothed. Many more drinks were consumed and the band provided us with some decent music to bop to.

Another memorable moment in the night was when I was looking for a misplaced flip-flop, Wilson found it and came at me with it, I simply said to him "Flipflop Vs Fist" which I guess activated the duel, he hit me with the flip-flop and I instinctively gave him a left Jab to the face, hit him prime on the mouth, he even bled a little. Fist wins?

So not only did I rip one of his brand new t-shirts I also just twatted him in the face, we all thought It was funny though and I am sure Wilson appreciated the effort it took me to actually hit him. ( I wouldn't dream of hitting my boy Wilson)

A lot more drinks were consumed ( I think I got through 8 jugs of magic, atleast) for some reason I also bit a chunk of Wilson's already wounded t-shirt out of the back of his neck, I guess my vampire tendencies were kicking in or maybe just for drunken banter.

Wilson then did a 2 hour DJ set with some kick ass dub and house and all round niceness, some sexy beats I must say indeed, watch out for DJ Camson he will be big one day I can assure you that much! Check out his SoundCloud here!

I don't remember the whole of the rest of the night if I am honest, we were inthe pool for a fair bit then drinking lots more, went to our tents at like 4am, somehow I ended up with a whole tent compartment to myself so I was snug with my blanky and pillow for about half hour when my pal Johnty came falling into the tent and flailing on top of me going "Hey Will I am just gonna sleep here".

I couldn't get to sleep so I wandered into the disco tent and found an empty sofa, and a spare sleeping bag, result. I had the best 3 or so hours sleep ever, even though the sofa wasn't long enough for me I was all cozy and snug.

I also realized I twisted my ankle last night, have cuts on my hands and knees, my shoulder hurts, and a bruise on my head fact I will let you in on the head injury.

There are swirly stairs leading up the outside of Sophie's house to a toilet, they covered the metal steps with bubble wrap and tape to avoid people colliding with them throughout the evening, I wander over and my friends Tom and Frank just go "Will, Headbutt this, see if it works"..It doesn't I can tell you now, obviously I have full faith if you were to accidentally walk into it you would get away unhurt, however going head to head with the thing because you've been asked by your friends will always end up in a bruise in the morning.

I was up early with my pal Chris, Sophie's mum and a few others and started tidying up, I am one of the nice ones who always tidies up. Took us a good few hours (everyone else was being lazy jewbies in bed still), we then had to take down the two massive marquee tent things, which was alright until we were nearly done and it decided to piss it down.

Headed back to Sams for a bit then to B&Q to get some food from the amazing food van (sams mum also needed a light and some bulbs, but mainly we went for the carpark food van man)

Headed back to sam's and had a cuppa then mum picked me up and took me home, I had a shower watched finding nemo and plan to relax for the evening. Shit me I've written a lot, hope it's not all shitty. I couldn't be arsed to read it through before posting as I am achey.

Friday, 15 July 2011

July 15th - Handymen, Toothless & Assassin's Creed

It's been 4 days and I apologize I really have been meaning to get on here but I've not had the most exciting past few days,

Our landlord thought it would be clever to send his handymen in to start sanding down all our door and window frames, as well as pulling off all the wallpaper, sanding walls, filling holes, doing general refurbishment prep whilst we are still living here...

The house is a tip and there is a thick layer of dust and cack all over our house, the living room is pretty much off limits with all the shit in there, we are confined to our rooms because it's the only safe place to escape the dust clouds, not to mention being woken up each morning by men at work.

I mean, fairplay to the guy he wants to fix up his house before the new batch move in, but can he not wait for us to move out? it would take them alot less time and effort if no one was living here, simple. Charge us half rent and get us out two weeks early so you can sand and paint to your hearts content.

Ugh, anyway that was my little moan I had to bring to the table. Here's a couple of pics of our hallway.

Also, Yesterday (well the previous night) I couldnt get any sleep as my tooth was being a bitch, so I ended up going to the dentist and getting it pulled, thought like sharing a before and after pic.



I've literally been slowly bleeding all day and spitting blood, kinda tastes good if I am honest. Should heal up soonish, I hope. I may turn into a lover of blood and rampage :/

I had to include it, I really did.

I've also, over the last 3 days, completed Assassins Creed : Brotherhood and done roughly 80% of the complete game, bonus missions, guild quests, treasures etc etc I just love how you can literally run anywhere and everywhere, attack a few soldiers here, stab a few thieves there, hijack horses, snipe people with your crossbow, it all adds up to an amazing game. The only thing I did not like about the game is the very last scene, if you have played you will know why, no spoilers here I'm affraid.

Monday, 11 July 2011

C.O.D - Why can't I always be shit hot!?

Bored so been playing COD Blops a fair bit lately, rocking out some amazing games, I never thought I had it in me, I apologise for the shit images, you see I have an oldschool tv, none of this flatscreen lark so taking pictures of it isn't the easiest of tasks, anyhow below are a couple of epic games I played and my last 5 Matches today.

If only I could keep up playing that good, doubt it but we shall see!!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

GemCraft- Chapter 1 - Nailed it.

Having completed Labrynth the other week I decided to take a step back in the games' series and tackle Chapter 1, the game play is pretty much the same but with different levels and monsters, skills and amulets etc.

Finally nailed it, then spent the last few days replaying battles in an attempt to get a glowing score (beat a set high score to achieve glowing).

Completed the game now with glowing scores on all of the battles!

Just thought I would share my epic-ness, Also looking for good games to play be it online or offline so drop me some names...

Friday, 8 July 2011

Hogs of War!

I was very bored today after doing the last of the washing up and tidying so I sat at my pc and scratched my head to think of a game, something fresh for me to play.

I then remembered a Playstation 1 game I borrowed off my pal one time called "Hogs of War" and downloaded a PC version of it.

Hogs of War is a turn based game set in the first world war era, you control a team of hogs and on each level you have to take out the enemy team to take over regions of the world, it's a fairly straightforward game and very easy to pick up.

At the start of the campaign, the entire squad is made up of grunts who have little maximum health and only a small set of basic weapons. Hogs however can be promoted as the player progresses through the campaign by earning medals. A single medal is given upon completion of a mission and five with every region conquered, with additional medals given if all squad members survive and any others collected during the missions (most of which are in heavily guarded or hard to reach places).

First promotion opens up the four possible classes (heavy, medic, engineer and espionage) with the choice to pursue one and develop further, for example espionage begins with scout before being promoted to sniper, then spy etc.

While all classes are distinctive, after enough promotions, all can eventually be promoted to a special Commando class that specializes in all weapons and abilities, the final promotion being Hero.

Took me about 7 hours to complete it from start to finish, but that was me trying to keep as many hogs alive as possible and gaining as many medals, it really is a fun little game to help pass time, throughout gameplay there are comical quotes by each of the hogs in different accents (french/german etc) before and during each attack. The voices are done by comedian Rik Mayall!

So there it is, if you have some spare time need filling get a copy of this fun little game!

I uploaded it here if you'd like it.

Also when running the game DO NOT try minimizing it, make sure you exit the game properly, a simple minimize will freeze your PC.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

July 7th - Jackass, Chillstep and a Mighty ol' meal!

I've been up and about since around 8am ish, possibly earlier, I tidied my bedroom and changed my bed sheets and cleared up my room making it all pretty again, I then tidied up my housemate Luis' room a bit as we spent last night in there on the PC.

I then just jammed to some Chillstep tunes for a few hours, I just lay there with my head out the window watching the world go by.

I spent the most part of the day lounging about and watched Jackass 3D then Jackass 3.5 which I might add are both bloody great, the new pranks, tricks and stunts are epic. They really did provide many a laugh.

I then watched "The Girl Next Door" which is also a decent movie,

Finally got showered and then started preparing for my dinner, it was a toss up between Battered Haddock and Mash or Sausage and Mash, Sausage and Mash won so I peeled some Potatoes, found my Peas and Carrots and got them all sorted, I picked up a large Yorkshire Pudding from the Co-op the other day so used that as well, was a bloody tasty meal!

The rest of the evening will consist of tidying downstairs, doing the washing up then playing xbox for a few hours before watching Centurion and The Crazies.

God Speed.

Black Ops - Rant Time

So I feel like I should have a rant about C.O.D Black Ops...

As much as I love the game and all the countless hours I have played day in day out with my friends I really do have a few things that piss me off so much I often end up raging and turning my xbox off so I can cool down, I am just going to go through the things that piss me off the most so let me know what you think.

These are in no order as they all piss me off equally!

So we have the shoddy way the blops servers throws you in games, I mean usually if you are in a party you get in lobbies and find decent games, but if you are playing's a whole new story, it throws you in game where you are like 15 kills from the end and your team is losing... I like to try and keep my stats decent and being thrown into a game even I cannot pull back a win from is very frustrating.

If you leave a lobby because it is full of nubs or annoying idiots you restart searching, oh look.... I am back in the same lobby with the same idiots, fuck my life! I could rant for ages about how shoddy the "searching for games" aspect of blops is but I wont.

Next on the agenda is a question, "How the fuck is this guy stabbing me when I have unloaded half a clip into his chest/head?", that's know the moment you run around a corner and are met by an enemy you instantly start filling them with bullets but somehow down to magic they lunge in for a knife kill...what ever happened to being shot knocks you back, show me one person in real life who could lunge through a clip of ammo and knife someone to death.

I have to mention nubtubers as they really do piss me off, however I feel nubtubing is more of a MW2 problem and not as many dicks bring it to blops, however we do still have the idiots trying to quick scope which makes me laugh when they fail so hard.

I really feel the spawning should get a mention too, one minute you can have an area secured and be starting to edge forward on a map them BAM someone spawns right next to you and obliterates you where you stand, the littlest things also like time it takes to throw a flash/plant claymore then get your gun back out are tedious too, as well as how people who are flashed/stunned and can clearly not see you still managing to shoot ten shades of shit out of you.

All that said I still fucking love this game and will continue to play it but heck I do shout a ton of abuse at my screen when playing and It does rile me to the core.

So for my fellow gamers, what are your C.O.D peeves??

Monday, 4 July 2011

Don't you just love windows!?

Don't you just love windows...I could literally spend the whole day looking out my window, it's amazing, epecially on a nice sunny day so many different types of people walk on by.

I must say now, I call it my window but is isn't actually my window, don't panic I am not on a "list" I simply borrow my housemate Luis' window.

Luis room is on the same floor as mine bu facing the street so I often lounge on his bed and spend a fair bit of time out the window.

My "real" window is a pretty damn good window too, so don't think I am not using it out of hatred I've included the views from both windows.

View from Luis' room! Awesome right!?

...And from mine!!

The thing I love most about window stalking (that's really the only word for it) is that no one bothers to look to see if you are lurking so you do encounter many random things or silly acts of tomfoolery from the casual walker who was unaware of your viewing.

Another great thing about Luis' window is the way the house is situated on the street and the shape/architecture of the houses, garden walls etc are aligned anything said down there travels up here, it's like you were stood down there listening. The amount of random, mostly pointless, conversations I could happily listen in on into on a day to day basis.

They have also just recently built a new bus stop outside our house which provides some good convos and banter.

Let me clarify I am not a stalker nor do I wish to be named as one, I just feel that laying there with my head out the window taking in the world and the day to day lives of people, it gives you time to clear your head and think about your life, picturing what the individuals do in life, if they look happy/sad, where they are off to, the simplest of things, it all makes you think ...yeah kinda deep and soppy but I am speaking only the truth

So you crazy bunch, what's your outlook on windows..?