Thursday, 7 July 2011

Black Ops - Rant Time

So I feel like I should have a rant about C.O.D Black Ops...

As much as I love the game and all the countless hours I have played day in day out with my friends I really do have a few things that piss me off so much I often end up raging and turning my xbox off so I can cool down, I am just going to go through the things that piss me off the most so let me know what you think.

These are in no order as they all piss me off equally!

So we have the shoddy way the blops servers throws you in games, I mean usually if you are in a party you get in lobbies and find decent games, but if you are playing's a whole new story, it throws you in game where you are like 15 kills from the end and your team is losing... I like to try and keep my stats decent and being thrown into a game even I cannot pull back a win from is very frustrating.

If you leave a lobby because it is full of nubs or annoying idiots you restart searching, oh look.... I am back in the same lobby with the same idiots, fuck my life! I could rant for ages about how shoddy the "searching for games" aspect of blops is but I wont.

Next on the agenda is a question, "How the fuck is this guy stabbing me when I have unloaded half a clip into his chest/head?", that's know the moment you run around a corner and are met by an enemy you instantly start filling them with bullets but somehow down to magic they lunge in for a knife kill...what ever happened to being shot knocks you back, show me one person in real life who could lunge through a clip of ammo and knife someone to death.

I have to mention nubtubers as they really do piss me off, however I feel nubtubing is more of a MW2 problem and not as many dicks bring it to blops, however we do still have the idiots trying to quick scope which makes me laugh when they fail so hard.

I really feel the spawning should get a mention too, one minute you can have an area secured and be starting to edge forward on a map them BAM someone spawns right next to you and obliterates you where you stand, the littlest things also like time it takes to throw a flash/plant claymore then get your gun back out are tedious too, as well as how people who are flashed/stunned and can clearly not see you still managing to shoot ten shades of shit out of you.

All that said I still fucking love this game and will continue to play it but heck I do shout a ton of abuse at my screen when playing and It does rile me to the core.

So for my fellow gamers, what are your C.O.D peeves??


  1. Nice post, thanks!
    Have a nice day.

  2. My brother rented black ops, and he completed it in a few hours, it was actually short enough for me to watch him do it without taking a break. I don't really like games that rely on multiplayer, and that's all CoD is these days, but the less I rant, the better :)

  3. that issue of entering a game about 15 kills from the end reminds me of entering combat arms games that are also about 15 kills from the end :p
    my old roommate in the college I used to go to before I transferred would also complain about getting into a losing-with-no-chance-of-winning game, but we were on a school connection, so he was lucky most of the time to even get into tht game :/

  4. I don't play FPS's online. usually because of the things you have said.

  5. I prefer the training online. Enjoy it better due to just your friends list being in there with bots, it's not a gamerskill issue (which I do have,granted :D), but more touching on the issues you highlight.

    The thing I hate most is the singers, you know the type, stupid little no voice broken kids singing stupid songs all the way though.

    Mute is a wonderful thing.

  6. Could never bring myself to play a FPS without dedicated servers :\ Battlefield all the way for me.