Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Blown up charger, broken PS2 and a quick Xperia fix.

It's been a fairly busy day today,

Last night I was laying on the sofa chilling on my laptop and suddenly I hear a bang, and the leccy in my house cuts out, I sit up in confusion thinking "WTF?" then feel a sudden burn on my leg, my laptop charger was hotter than the sun! Turns out I blew the poor thing up (the 3rd replacement one I've had) and it had tripped the power, I flipped the switch on the leccy box and the power came back but my poor lappy was rendered powerless :/

I need to wait until I have some money to buy a new cable so unfortunately I only have the old desktop we have in the house to use now. Lame I know :(

A bloke turned up at 9am from the council today telling me he was here to change my taps and fix my toilet, I was not even aware they were in need of fixing.

I let him in and he slumped to the floor and started unscrewing things and getting on with his job, I felt bad for the guy, he must of been in his 40's and well over 20 stone, his ass was hanging out like a bike rack and he could barely breath, he was panting and wheezing whilst unscrewing my taps, some hardcore exercise right there! Anyway he changed my taps and fixed my loo then got on his way.

I chillaxed for the rest of the day, had sausage and mash for dinner with peas and carrots then my sister came down with my old ps2 telling me that the disc drive was fooked, it was fooked indeed.

The disc tray wouldn't shut and the bit where the laser pops up and down was reverse, so when you tried to shut the tray the center pops out...

Anyway I felt like I could tackle it so got straight on it, with my two screwdrivers.

I managed to get it apart and fix the disc drive, but as I rebuilt it I had this bloody metallic ribbon connector which I wasn't sure where the geoff it had come from, apparently its the connection from the power/reset button to the circuit. This is when I had to ask my pal Google.

I must of Googled about 20-30 different names as I hadn't got a clue what the official term for the cable/ribbon was, I finally found an article and got it back in place, plugged it in and it worked a charm.

Took a few snaps of my progress, in the first you can see the cable/ribbon/wire I was on about. (left)


Having kicked the PS2's butt I moved onto tackling my sisters locked Xperia x10, she is a muppet and typed her password wrong 20 times...not 3 or 4, you heard TWENTY TIMES!!

The phone is now locked for good...Googled the shit out of this problem and there wasn't all that much out there until I stumbled upon a little back alley thread which linked me to SEUS, Sony Ericsson Update Service, by updating the phone to the newest software it does a data wipe and factory reset, so I am hoping this fixes the problem, the software itself is 117mb and the dl speed here is shocking so it is taking a while.

Ten minutes in and we are still not there,

I am hoping this doesn't take too much longer.

The rest of my evening will consist of watching random shiz on t.v.

It's been a productive day! God Speed.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the laptop charger, bro. Also- glad to know I'm not the only one whose PS2 doesn't have a disc tray. My cat knocked mine off of my table, and I had to snap the door off to get the disc tray to open.

  2. Haha that does sound like a fairly mixed day. Shame about the laptop charger, with my old laptop they kept melting themselves as well O_o Well done on fixing the PS2 though, and hope the phone fix works right. I can't imagine getting a password wrong 20 times O_O

  3. Good things can happen on the crappy days. Glad you found something.

  4. I almost snapped that silver ribbon on my PS2 when I opened it up the first time. I almost thought it was "fooked", as you so eloquently put it (Seriously, best euphemism I ever heard), but luckily, it was ok. Nice going!

  5. Sorry to hear about your charger! Hope you get a new one soon :)

  6. My laptop charger died just a few weeks ago too.. it turns out older chargers are hard to get around here :\

  7. Wow, you're a regular McGyver! Maybe you can build a new laptop battery from your sisters phone. That'd serve her right.

  8. Eh?
    You're quite a resourceful guy!

  9. Google for the win! You can really be the best DIY guy if you know where to look. But anyway, even though it’s been years already, I hope the replacement charger you got is still living today. Where are you getting your chargers from? If the new one is your 4th one already, I think you have to pay attention to where it’s manufactured.