Sunday, 17 July 2011

Oh what a day :)

I've just got in and showered and sat down to watch "Finding Nemo" and thought I would fill you lovely 100 or so wonderful people in on my day yesterday.

Two of my best buddies Wilson and Sophie were having a party, Sophie's birthday was in December and Wilson's was January, we didn't do an awful lot so a party was planned for now to make up for it. There was jelly wrestling, BBQ, swimming pool, lots of drinks and fun times to be had.

I had told them both I couldn't come which made them all sad, when really I had every intention of turning up I was just going to be late as the train would take me 4 hours, oh the joys.

The train journey wasn't too bad as I had a bunch of ciders, some paper, a pen and my rubiks cube, the ingredients for a nice ride. I wrote a mini book, made some pretty flowers and drew random shit, solved my cube about 20 times to help pass the time, here's a pic.

Got to the station at like 7pm and my mumma picked me up and took me over to Sophie's, party central.

Things were in full swing with a live band and drinks on the go, when I arrived Sophie comes hurtling out of the house and throws herself on me nearly taking me to the ground, her and my boy Wilson were so happy I could make it, as if I would miss something like this?!

There were jugs on the bar (a table with a shit load of drinks...aka the bar) for making cocktails and the lark but instead I just took a jug, wrote my name on her, and filled her up with rum, vodka, juice, lemonade and other random things, it was bright orange by the time I had mixed it up but it tasted alright.

The band were playing and people were in and out of the pool and getting their drink on. Every time we are at Sophie's house it is usual procedure for me to throw our good friend Sam in the pool (clothed or not), up until now she had been O.k as I wasn't there but now I had arrived she knew she was shit out of luck.

She always uses the excuse "I've got my phone and bag on me" which for some reason she hasn't realized is pointless, I confiscated her bag and gave it to her mum Sally (my second mother) and grabbed Sam to move towards the pool, the pool was a fair distance but the jelly pit was far closer so I opted to toss her fully clothed into the jelly wrestling pool, then rubbing jelly in and around her face.

The funniest part was watching her trying to scramble out of there it was hilarious to say the least. She finally got out then fell ass over tit, genius.

I refilled my now empty jug with a magical concoction then headed back to the pool area where I was set upon by at least 4 lads, James, Wilson and a few others...being mean trying to throw me in the pool..I was outnumbered but held my ground for a bit before finally thinking "Fuck it, I can probably take one of the chumps with me" so I tried to grab James but couldn't so ended up gripping Wilson's t-shirt, sure I was going to take him, I ended up in the pool with a handful of Wilson's t-shirt. He was livid.

The night went on and a load of others ended up in the pool, clothed. Many more drinks were consumed and the band provided us with some decent music to bop to.

Another memorable moment in the night was when I was looking for a misplaced flip-flop, Wilson found it and came at me with it, I simply said to him "Flipflop Vs Fist" which I guess activated the duel, he hit me with the flip-flop and I instinctively gave him a left Jab to the face, hit him prime on the mouth, he even bled a little. Fist wins?

So not only did I rip one of his brand new t-shirts I also just twatted him in the face, we all thought It was funny though and I am sure Wilson appreciated the effort it took me to actually hit him. ( I wouldn't dream of hitting my boy Wilson)

A lot more drinks were consumed ( I think I got through 8 jugs of magic, atleast) for some reason I also bit a chunk of Wilson's already wounded t-shirt out of the back of his neck, I guess my vampire tendencies were kicking in or maybe just for drunken banter.

Wilson then did a 2 hour DJ set with some kick ass dub and house and all round niceness, some sexy beats I must say indeed, watch out for DJ Camson he will be big one day I can assure you that much! Check out his SoundCloud here!

I don't remember the whole of the rest of the night if I am honest, we were inthe pool for a fair bit then drinking lots more, went to our tents at like 4am, somehow I ended up with a whole tent compartment to myself so I was snug with my blanky and pillow for about half hour when my pal Johnty came falling into the tent and flailing on top of me going "Hey Will I am just gonna sleep here".

I couldn't get to sleep so I wandered into the disco tent and found an empty sofa, and a spare sleeping bag, result. I had the best 3 or so hours sleep ever, even though the sofa wasn't long enough for me I was all cozy and snug.

I also realized I twisted my ankle last night, have cuts on my hands and knees, my shoulder hurts, and a bruise on my head fact I will let you in on the head injury.

There are swirly stairs leading up the outside of Sophie's house to a toilet, they covered the metal steps with bubble wrap and tape to avoid people colliding with them throughout the evening, I wander over and my friends Tom and Frank just go "Will, Headbutt this, see if it works"..It doesn't I can tell you now, obviously I have full faith if you were to accidentally walk into it you would get away unhurt, however going head to head with the thing because you've been asked by your friends will always end up in a bruise in the morning.

I was up early with my pal Chris, Sophie's mum and a few others and started tidying up, I am one of the nice ones who always tidies up. Took us a good few hours (everyone else was being lazy jewbies in bed still), we then had to take down the two massive marquee tent things, which was alright until we were nearly done and it decided to piss it down.

Headed back to Sams for a bit then to B&Q to get some food from the amazing food van (sams mum also needed a light and some bulbs, but mainly we went for the carpark food van man)

Headed back to sam's and had a cuppa then mum picked me up and took me home, I had a shower watched finding nemo and plan to relax for the evening. Shit me I've written a lot, hope it's not all shitty. I couldn't be arsed to read it through before posting as I am achey.


  1. Wow, quite a weekend indeed. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, somehow you managed to do a ton of things hahaha glad you enjoyed

  2. Sounds like you had quite a weekend, sir. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  3. Nice "PRODUCTIVE" weekend I should say! Haha!
    I can relate to these stories cuz I am a bit of a party-lover myself. Especially the pool events. :D

  4. okay, I'm sorry but the rubiks cube thing grabbed my attention way to much. did you say you solved it 20 times? and did you cheat on it?

  5. Sounds like a totally awesome weekend. And I like how you cure train-boredom.

  6. LaezE Boy...I don't see how you could cheat? and aye solved it about that many times, on average it takes 2-3 minutes for me to solve it, once you lean the ways to get certain squares to certain places it all falls together nicely :)

  7. Whee, a rubik's cube :DD +followed

  8. Haha, same here man. There's nothing more boring than a long travel by train (followed)

  9. Sounds like a pretty good day really :)

  10. My weekend is less than half as productive as yours lol. Cool blog! +1 followed

  11. Epic fun !! Man I need more weekends like this