Monday, 25 July 2011

It's been a while, apologies.

First off apologies for not having a post in like 5 days, I blew up my laptop charger last week and haven't got the cash to buy a new one yet, I tried to make a post on my phone but it just broke, so apologies there.

I managed to get on the home PC (I am at my mothers now) so I can inform you on what I've been up to, I've got quite a few pics in this post so may take a while for me to upload them.

Friday I went over to my dads to see Dad, Kate and the kids. I got over there and Dad was at work still and Kate was about to take the kids over to my Aunt S-J and Uncle Stewart's house to see them and their adorable little daughter Poppy so I tagged along.

Since my last visit they had built a cool little chicken pen and had acquired 3 chickens, I can't remember the names but poppy did tell me but its been ages since then and I'd not been able to get on PC to write it down, I feel so fail right now :/

Here's a few pics.

Also They have adopted a cute little kitten, long story short this kitten was found with it's litter (may have been abandoned I can't quite remember) and the vets had to put the others down, S-J's friend contacted SJ and asked if they could look after the kitten until it got better, she said she would if she could rename it, she was told to rename the kitten she had to keep it, so knowing our SJ that's what she did. Pablo (newly named) is about ten weeks old and still has a bit of a gammy eye, but with meds and care he should be top notch in no time :)

He is such a little cutey.

Saturday I was up and chilling with my little bro's Alfred and Thomas we were building k'nex, The Wheel had already been built the others are things we built together :)

Kate showed me a burn mark on her side, it was done by our tommo, he left the iron on there for some reason. I assumed he had been trying to iron a shirt or something but no, it was whilst he was doing some "Hama" beads...I also caught him watching Emerdale..Need I say more?

I had steak and omelet for breakfast on sunday before a day of fishing, sadly we only caught a few nippers, roach, rudd and perch. Nothing huge though and for a days fish it wasn't that productive.

Whilst fishing I discovered a new animal, the Mink, I had never seen one before but one was just strolling up the hill next to where I was sat I was all "John what is that weasel/ferrity looking thing" Turns out it is a Mink, you learn something new everyday eh?

We spotted it again later with a bird in it's mouth, I am guessing it had a little Mink family to feed :)

We also saw this big old bastard! Not sure if it is a caterpillar or what, so if you know let me know!

That's all for now folks, Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Chickens = win, cats= WIN. Nice to see you back btw :) Shame your charger died, had that happen to me recently, and my whole computer died -_-, but it lead to me getting this awesome piece of machinery for my birthday :)

  2. Glad to have you back, quite an update :). Really nice entry, i enjoyed it a lot.

  3. Welcome back! I love the cat :D

  4. Cute kitten! I like the chickens too.

  5. I am now experiencing a cute animal overload...

    chickens, kittens and minks oh my <3