Friday, 8 July 2011

Hogs of War!

I was very bored today after doing the last of the washing up and tidying so I sat at my pc and scratched my head to think of a game, something fresh for me to play.

I then remembered a Playstation 1 game I borrowed off my pal one time called "Hogs of War" and downloaded a PC version of it.

Hogs of War is a turn based game set in the first world war era, you control a team of hogs and on each level you have to take out the enemy team to take over regions of the world, it's a fairly straightforward game and very easy to pick up.

At the start of the campaign, the entire squad is made up of grunts who have little maximum health and only a small set of basic weapons. Hogs however can be promoted as the player progresses through the campaign by earning medals. A single medal is given upon completion of a mission and five with every region conquered, with additional medals given if all squad members survive and any others collected during the missions (most of which are in heavily guarded or hard to reach places).

First promotion opens up the four possible classes (heavy, medic, engineer and espionage) with the choice to pursue one and develop further, for example espionage begins with scout before being promoted to sniper, then spy etc.

While all classes are distinctive, after enough promotions, all can eventually be promoted to a special Commando class that specializes in all weapons and abilities, the final promotion being Hero.

Took me about 7 hours to complete it from start to finish, but that was me trying to keep as many hogs alive as possible and gaining as many medals, it really is a fun little game to help pass time, throughout gameplay there are comical quotes by each of the hogs in different accents (french/german etc) before and during each attack. The voices are done by comedian Rik Mayall!

So there it is, if you have some spare time need filling get a copy of this fun little game!

I uploaded it here if you'd like it.

Also when running the game DO NOT try minimizing it, make sure you exit the game properly, a simple minimize will freeze your PC.


  1. Looks like fun. Mind to share a link to download it? thanks in advance

  2. Added. Click the link at bottom of page :)

  3. There's a playstation version of the game too. I used to own it.

  4. "I then remembered a Playstation 1 game I borrowed off my pal one time called "Hogs of War" and downloaded a PC version of it."

    Just sayin, Ala Mode 7 ;)

  5. I'm going to try this merely based on the fact that the voices are done by Rik Mayall.

  6. wow that game looks pretty cute. i never heard of it.

  7. This game is shorta familiar

  8. I'll say the same thing my coworker said, I didn't know anyone else played this game, I loved it lol, and might try to get my hands on it again.

  9. Going to check this out for sure