Monday, 4 July 2011

Don't you just love windows!?

Don't you just love windows...I could literally spend the whole day looking out my window, it's amazing, epecially on a nice sunny day so many different types of people walk on by.

I must say now, I call it my window but is isn't actually my window, don't panic I am not on a "list" I simply borrow my housemate Luis' window.

Luis room is on the same floor as mine bu facing the street so I often lounge on his bed and spend a fair bit of time out the window.

My "real" window is a pretty damn good window too, so don't think I am not using it out of hatred I've included the views from both windows.

View from Luis' room! Awesome right!?

...And from mine!!

The thing I love most about window stalking (that's really the only word for it) is that no one bothers to look to see if you are lurking so you do encounter many random things or silly acts of tomfoolery from the casual walker who was unaware of your viewing.

Another great thing about Luis' window is the way the house is situated on the street and the shape/architecture of the houses, garden walls etc are aligned anything said down there travels up here, it's like you were stood down there listening. The amount of random, mostly pointless, conversations I could happily listen in on into on a day to day basis.

They have also just recently built a new bus stop outside our house which provides some good convos and banter.

Let me clarify I am not a stalker nor do I wish to be named as one, I just feel that laying there with my head out the window taking in the world and the day to day lives of people, it gives you time to clear your head and think about your life, picturing what the individuals do in life, if they look happy/sad, where they are off to, the simplest of things, it all makes you think ...yeah kinda deep and soppy but I am speaking only the truth

So you crazy bunch, what's your outlook on windows..?


  1. I much prefer the view from your window ^_^ I love nature, but I'm not too fond of windows lol. At least, not mine, not while I still don't have curtains at least.

  2. I enjoy looking through my window, it gives some kind of peace. i like it better when its raining though.

  3. Windows are nice, I like looking through them. Nothing beats a good rooftop, though.

  4. This reminds of that movie that came out a few years back with the kid that was house-arrested and he thought he had a murderer next door :P

    Also the burbs! Always wished I had an interesting neighborhood to watch...

  5. Your view is pretty damn sweet. Great post too.

  6. I see a lot of people like you when driving to the city. You guys give me paranoia ;)

  7. Never thought of windows that way

  8. Skippy the Kangaroo5 July 2011 at 04:31

    set me up for google plus biatch or I will travel down and slap more sense into you than korea lost at your bday. xoxo

  9. Not much to see out of my window :/

  10. Who's that unusually tall man in the suit in quite a few of the pictures?