Saturday, 2 July 2011

Poetry? Hell Yeah! And You?

I was going through my laptop deleting old crap, I came across this poem I wrote about a friend who died.

The days are dragging on now, its nearly been a year
We're sat at home all thinking 'lets all shed one last tear'
You are missed like mad by all your mates life’s just not the same
Yet other s go by without a blink and thinks its all a game
We wake at night all thinking this shit is just a dream
It's not, you're gone were left behind insight of this bad scene
Hope you ‘re resting well in heaven with the big man ‘G’ himself
And you best look out for us up there and keep us in good health.

Anyway It then made me remember about a poem I wrote as a kid which actually got published in a book.

Every year at our primary school there would be this thing where we all handed in poems and then for our age groups over Cambridgeshire selectones were chosen to be published in a book which could then be bought buy parents, possibly for charity I can't quite remember.


Penguins penguins all around
Penguins slide along the ground
Penguins eat lots of fish
But penguins dont have a dish.

I was only a little kid but look at the words, how they work well together, the way it tells a story and all that jazz (bahaha I jest it sucked).

Was just curious if any of you lot out there have talent with poetry?


  1. Actually it's pretty good. Especially the one for primary school I think ;)

    But even though I often think we should act in a more poetic way I'm way too lazy to actually write these things.

    Anyway keep up the good work! +1

  2. Those are some nice poems :) I've written a few, but sadly most of them are lost, and they were very personal anyway, I don't think I'd be sharing them in a hurry ^^

  3. great poems there. sometimes i try to write some too. haiku is my favorite style.

  4. I like the penguin one! I don't really write poetry, but sometimes I'll make a rhyming verse out of nowhere when I'm talking or writing to someone. I can't help it.

  5. Beautiful work even if I prefer narrative :)


  6. I'm horrible at poetry, my attempts sound like a very bad white rapper.