Sunday, 10 July 2011

GemCraft- Chapter 1 - Nailed it.

Having completed Labrynth the other week I decided to take a step back in the games' series and tackle Chapter 1, the game play is pretty much the same but with different levels and monsters, skills and amulets etc.

Finally nailed it, then spent the last few days replaying battles in an attempt to get a glowing score (beat a set high score to achieve glowing).

Completed the game now with glowing scores on all of the battles!

Just thought I would share my epic-ness, Also looking for good games to play be it online or offline so drop me some names...


  1. Warcraft III made me burnt out on tower defenses, lol.

    Have you tried stick ranger? It's an interesting RPG that uses the falling sand stickman system.

    (PS: Find the wiki to figure out what attributes do)

    Another interesting game is Ginormo Sword. Don't mind the seemingly terrible graphics and gameplay, it gets really good.

  2. This game was too hard for me, I think ill stick to league of legends.

  3. I think I'll check this game out.

  4. Congrats on the achievement :) I find I constantly play too many games -_-, if there really is such a thing. If there is, I've hit it.