Friday, 15 July 2011

July 15th - Handymen, Toothless & Assassin's Creed

It's been 4 days and I apologize I really have been meaning to get on here but I've not had the most exciting past few days,

Our landlord thought it would be clever to send his handymen in to start sanding down all our door and window frames, as well as pulling off all the wallpaper, sanding walls, filling holes, doing general refurbishment prep whilst we are still living here...

The house is a tip and there is a thick layer of dust and cack all over our house, the living room is pretty much off limits with all the shit in there, we are confined to our rooms because it's the only safe place to escape the dust clouds, not to mention being woken up each morning by men at work.

I mean, fairplay to the guy he wants to fix up his house before the new batch move in, but can he not wait for us to move out? it would take them alot less time and effort if no one was living here, simple. Charge us half rent and get us out two weeks early so you can sand and paint to your hearts content.

Ugh, anyway that was my little moan I had to bring to the table. Here's a couple of pics of our hallway.

Also, Yesterday (well the previous night) I couldnt get any sleep as my tooth was being a bitch, so I ended up going to the dentist and getting it pulled, thought like sharing a before and after pic.



I've literally been slowly bleeding all day and spitting blood, kinda tastes good if I am honest. Should heal up soonish, I hope. I may turn into a lover of blood and rampage :/

I had to include it, I really did.

I've also, over the last 3 days, completed Assassins Creed : Brotherhood and done roughly 80% of the complete game, bonus missions, guild quests, treasures etc etc I just love how you can literally run anywhere and everywhere, attack a few soldiers here, stab a few thieves there, hijack horses, snipe people with your crossbow, it all adds up to an amazing game. The only thing I did not like about the game is the very last scene, if you have played you will know why, no spoilers here I'm affraid.


  1. wow, so weird, what do you have in that tooth?

    PD: following you!

  2. Your landlord is doing a douchey thing. Also yay! pulled teeth. My wisdom teeth grew in all... oiasdhgokhsDGHASIO so I had to get them pulled.

  3. Great game! And yeah, it sucks having renovations done while you're still an occupant. Landlords can be evil.

  4. Potato,

    First off, love the name. I had a filling which fell out and my tooth just went shitty.

  5. omg props. thats nasty though haha

  6. You know legally you can make your shithead landlord put you up in a B&B for making the house uninhabitable?
    Just sayin.
    And eurgh to the tooth thing, mine went the same years ago, stayed in bed all day with a bucket to spit blood in :D half filled it aswell. lovely stuff.

  7. That didnt look good. Both the hallway and the rotten tooth =/

  8. Man they really did a number on you, house, teeth, and all. It's always good to enjoy a game though :) Good to see you back too!

  9. Wow. The house really looks like a mess!
    But I think all those inconvenience would pay off in the future. I just know it!

    Also, you should see a dentist, man. ;D

  10. Ugh, renovations are pretty annoying when you're still living in the house in question.