Thursday, 15 September 2011

Apologies, No internet/Moving back to Uni

Keeping this quick as I am just popping by the uni computer room, I moved into my apartment yesterday and have no internet until 29th which is shitty, I only live a minutes walk from here so I guess I could drop by, however I have shit to sort out and things to buy for my new place before uni starts so may not be able to get on for exciting things.

Anyhow I do love you all and appreciate the followers, I  will be sure to have some action-packed entries over freshers week from the antics but until then I must leave you with some love and hugs x x

Back soon folks, if you get bored check out my YouTube channel! :)

God Speed.


  1. I'll try to keep myself contained until you get back lol. The loss of internet is going to hurt you way more than the loss of you is going to hurt us.