Saturday, 3 September 2011

Reading Festival : Associates.

It's been a few days since I've been back now from Reading Festival 2011, which has given me some time to rest up a bit.

I felt the need to give a shout-out to the people I met along the way, I may get lazy midway through and just list names but this should give you an idea of the types of people I hung around with.

First up we have Pete, he is your average run of the mill wife beating badman, known this critter since primary school, admittedly didn't like him all that much back then but he's turned out to be a right gent. He provided a good source of banter and a brilliant mentality when dealing with people of the "Minky" persuasion. (hot girls)

Next up we have Jackone (pronounced Jackwon) who I'd met at a few parties and whatnot but this weekend away was really when our friendship flourished! He must of taken about 5 plain black tshirts with him and that was all, bless him people thought he didn't change and was just a dirty hobbit but in fact he was just wearing another t-shirt duplicate to the others, Jack was excellent at doing the crab and being a bat as well as providing some excellent banter to the wolf pack. That kid's got a decent lunge as well, which should be noted.


I really cant be arsed to go through everyone I met, in depth, so I am going to just list awesome people I met and let that be the end of it, I am feeling very lazy today.

We covered Pete and Jackone (the two favorites, shh don't tell the others) the rest of my weekend posse consisted of one or more of the following at different intervals.

Duffy - "Flake" according to the rest, poor fella brought his wench to the festival, I jest of course, top guy!

Duffy's Wench (Rachel) - top lass, kinda quiet, calm, collected, but nice to have around.

Chard - One funny guy, we shared some good times, good times indeed!

Jew Basher (Jack) - This kid is pure Aryan, beautiful golden locks and pretty blue eyes, he's sorted when holocaust v2 claims another 7million.

Samwise (Ryan) - This gent can't carry the ring but would more than love to carry Frodo, provided a good laugh and was a top hobbit!

Boba Fett (bubba-fett) - This gent even got his own theme lad!

Number 2 (Jack2) - When there is more than one Jack things need to be in place! "Hey number two"

There were a shit load of other people too, Tommy, Adam, Beardy Chris, Liam, Welshies, Saffron (I partially remember her giving me a hug saying it was epic then telling me how she was going to spread the word of my awesomeness, doubt she ever did, biatch!) Oxford lot (bunch of mongs), Jackones little bro (who we pretended was my bro one night for some reason, "come to my camp for beers and racism"), the random "pass out on will" girl, the random "flash boobs at wolf pack" girl, Maverick, Hugh, George, Maja, Enya, Jaike, ( and others from that posse), all of jimjamcockorball contestants, the poo queen, dublin girl, etc etc

Now I am sure there is more but I have a shit memory but I love each and every one of you!!

However, the one I love the most is no-one I have mentioned up to this point, I was saving this badboy for last!


As soon as I clocked eyes on this masterpiece of technology and craftsmanship I was in love, we shared some close and intimate, joyous and meaningful moments together over the weekend and I was sad to say goodbye on the Monday, a tear trickled down my face as we each went our separate ways at the station, as the doors closed on the car and broombrella pulled away I could sense it turning and looking back over it's metaphorical shoulder and giving me one final wink goodbye.

 I think that is pretty much it, the people I spent weds-monday of last week with! in a nutshell.


  1. Looks like much fun!

  2. Glad you had fun. Wish I could have been there, as I might have made the list!

  3. It seems like you really did have a kick ass time :) Mostly due to the kick ass people you went with.

  4. Virtue preserved from fell destructions blast, Following!