Tuesday, 6 December 2011

PayPal : Are you foreal?

Christmas time, the time for giving...Oh wait...it's not a cat? we can't help you!

I was trolling the internet today and came across an interesting article about PayPal, basically they were being ridiculously out of order towards this site who were buying/selling presents and raising money for poor kids over Christmas, seems like a good cause? I thought so too..

I read this shocking report and found a new fuel for anger within a company I had always appreciated and always thought had "charity" in mind, it would seem otherwise...

So join in the petitions and spam the shit out of those tramps over at PayPal. It's already trending on Twitter, great work twerps!

If you need emails or numbers to get your point across look here.

Merry Xmas! You Filthy Animals!


  1. That sounds bad!

  2. I would rather give money to a sick cat than a sick person. Gotta say that.

  3. Can I copy the picture and post it to Facebook? (with full attribution of course) I'd like it to go viral

  4. Wow! Peoples priorities are messed up! People are starving all over the world cause of indiffence like this!