Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Growing up I always wanted to be a Dolphin!

..O.k I lied I never once said when I was young that I wanted to be a dolphin, I never really was a fan...however in my teens I began watching dolphins as a past time. They are fascinating animals to say the least.

Why dolphins are awesome.
  • They can do crazy flips and shit! - Don't believe me YouTube them!
  • They have been known to aid humans in danger; in 2004 a bunch of dolphins swarmed some swimmers in NZ to defend them from a shark for like 40 minutes.
  • Dolphins in the wild will seek out humans and surf alongside boats just for play.
  • A dolphin can emit a sonic boom loud enough to stun a fish. 
  • They're cute
  • They make cool noises
  • Did I mention the crazy flips and shit?
Dolphins are also big pranksters, often harassing turtles by rolling them over on their backs. They've been seen pulling out the tail feathers of poor pelicans minding their own business on the water, purely for the lulz.

So they're intelligent, have a great sense of humour and love interaction with boats and humans; swimming and showing off alongside them on the waves.

Oh to be a dolphin for a day, well maybe you can!

This post was originally inspired by GB rower Alex Gregory who tweeted a link to a fascinating and desirable gadget.

So what is this fascinating link that was tweeted? It's only a bloody jet-pack that makes you swim like a flippin' dolphin!

Check out this awesome invention over at The Next Web