Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sponsored Tweeting!

Gooday folks!

I've a treat for you today! It's a nifty little website I came across the other day which can benefit a large selection you out there,

If you are a blogger, twitter whore or someone with the potential of followers I urge you to check out this website, the concept is simple; if you have a ton of people following you on twitter you can be paid to tweet little links, adverts, sponsored wonders and the likes.

It's all legit and easy to use, simply sign up, link your twitter account and you are ready to go. Depending on your follower base they suggest  a reasonable price to charge for posting ads, if you are a frequent tweeter you can easily rack up the wouldn't add that much hassle to your day it takes a few clicks.

The website I speak of is "Sponsored Tweets" and I really think it can be worth your while if you spend a fair bit of your day on twitter already, best make the most of it!




  1. Would be good for people with a huge following. I don't think the random 70 people that follow me is enough to make much. Plus I don't like people telling me what to tweet. This is a pretty handy site for those that want to make some extra money though.

  2. It sounds like it would be good but I have no where near enough followers and I feel like too much of a sellout on there already. Of course if I had the following, then the green would certainly ease my selling out pains.

  3. I don't use twitter enough! But thanks for the heads up!