Monday, 5 December 2011

CSM - The Push For Promotion!

So I started back on Cs-Manager the other week, I was given a shoddy team who were 12th in the league.

I shrugged it off and said to myself I could pull myself up to the top 5, as a personal goal. I created some pretty swish tactics and have pulled back a ton of points, winning the last 6 of my league games (all the games since I activated account)

Current league looks as follows with one game to go, it all comes down to tomorrows performance by myself and the team above me.

I am pretty certain I will win my last game landing me on 32 points, Clan_982706 will lose to Mr men, sitting on 32 but I beat it with better round difference.

This then leaves my potential fight for play-offs in the hands of NEEKS CLAN who have just signed up and been given a shoddy crew, much like myself before.

NEEKS CLAN have won their last two games, which is excellent and their activity is 5/5 making their clan perform at 100%, Rolling Stones has actually been banned for some reason (they still have to complete the season before being removed), they won 6 games in a row until tonight when they drew, they are banned and thus inactive so it's Players will play 75% of their maximum performance.

I have mailed NEEKS CLAN and told them I need them to have a big win and I am willing to help with tactics to do so, hopefully they'll be nice and let me help them win, getting myself into play-offs and then allowing me to kick ass and get promoted. It would be the epic ending to an awesome come-back.

I will definitely be getting promoted anyway, due to banned users and inactive clans, but I would love to get the promo by actually winning it.

We'll see.