Monday, 28 November 2011

3 Days to Mo' - Last call for donations.

Good afternoon,

Sitting in my "Creative Computing" lecture right now but it would appear I have already completed the work set (in record time might I add) so thought I would do my rounds, check twitter, check facebook, check my Movember page to see any recent activity.

I was happy to see that overnight a friend of mine, and GB rower, Alex Gregory had been kind enough to donate £15 to the excellent cause, I mean this guy is a legend, a world class gold medallist rower, a family man and to top it all he has his own Wikipedia page.

This kind-heartedness makes my total so far £73, which is great. It's not always about the money, raising awareness to the masses about mens' health is the important part, getting the word out there, encouraging men to get health checks, spreading information about what is what and how things work, and mostly letting us gents know that we do have plenty of support out there.

That being said I would still like to hit the £100 mark with donations, it's more of a personal goal than anything, I wont lose sleep over it if it doesn't happen but I sure would feel good about myself if I could nail it.

Here are a few snaps of my progress throughout the month,

Here's a picture from last year when I was being a lazy hobo and didn't shave my beard either, I thought I would include it purely because it's 'boss'. It wasn't even November.

A huge THANK-YOU to those who have donated so far, you rock!

Alex Gregory 
Mike Beck 
Nana & Grandad Gooding
Siobhan Kinsella
Jo Coles
Sam Freed
Sophie Laing
Julie Frasz

If anyone still wishes to donate, or share my link, please do!


  1. Not bad! Definitely more moustache than I could muster.

  2. You look good with a beard, you should grow it again. Good luck with hitting the 100, and a pat on the back for taking part in Movember.