Wednesday, 23 November 2011

BS Phillips Photography

'BS Phillips Photography' is a photography operation situated in the heart of Cambridge.

Photographer Ben Phillips’ love for photography started when he worked in a local shop processing 35mm film and digital photography.

In 2009 he picked up his first SLR camera and began taking pictures, he loves nothing more than viewing things through a lens. Since buying his first camera Ben has gone on to start his own business in this field.

Ben is an avid sports fan and enjoys taking photos all over the local sports scene however BS Phillips Photography is not limited to sports photography, they cover a wide variety of occasions including Sports, Motor Sports, Portraits, Weddings, Parties, Gigs, Event Photography and even Wildlife. I am sure they can cater for any event you wish to have captured.

BS Phillips Photography believes one of the most enjoyable factors of being a photographer and looking through a lens is capturing people enjoying themselves, capturing their smiles and capturing cherished moments or events which can then be viewed and remembered for years to come.

Looking through BS Phillips Photography’s galleries I can tell you now they’ve got some talent with a camera.

To find out more about BS Phillips Photography and have a look at some example albums go to their facebook page located HERE!

And now for a few snaps from 'BS Phillips Photography' that I like most.


  1. That is some pretty good camera work there :)

  2. Looks like he does a lot of action shots really well.