Sunday, 27 November 2011

CSM - A Fresh Start.

Today I was looking for something to do and I remembered an old game I played maybe 2-3 years ago called CSM, Counter-Strike Manager.

It's a fun little online game where you take control of a CS clan, you train them, give them team tactics, hire staff, training facilities, buy them new tech to play on, there's a selection of things you can do to try and benefit your team in some way but you better be sure to keep finances in check or ittl all go Pete Tong and you'll have to start again from the bottom with a new clan.

I re-signed up to the site today at and was lumbered with a league 4.7 team, my team were 12th in the league with shocking stats so far,

There are 50 days in each season, every week day you play a league game, sadly I joined up at a bad time in the league, day 35 of 50 however with some decent strategy and a bit of work I aim to finish middle of the table, edging towards top 5.

I had a lot of hard work ahead of me, I sold two of the young chaps on my team and picked up one older guy who will last me at least one season to bring in some wins and extra cash for the clan.

The current team I have is as follows, (until I get my new guy tonight) :

As you can see not the most skilled team, however they are young and I am only league 4.7 so it's as good as I would get at this level, it at least gives me something to work with.

I snatched up a bargain on the transfer market last night and picked up this veteran, he is 37 so his skills will soon start to deplete, however he will be sufficient enough to get me through the rest of this season and potentially next season before I need to get rid of him. By that time I will have made more than his worth back in pennies so it's all gravy. Only cost me 500csm(currency) which was cheap as chips so we shall see how he gets on.

My tactics are made and my team are ready for their first League game managed by me, none of this AI default tactics lark, some bad ass tacts and a decent-ish strategy and we should be in for a good end of the season.

For a better look at what CSM is have a look through this.

If you like Counter-Strike, Manager games, Strategy games, Online communities and Tactical thinking this could be right up your street,

If you decide you would like to sign up please do so using my referral. I am BehemothCousins in game if you need me for anything,

God Speed.


  1. Seems like a pretty good game, good luck with trying to turn the season around, or at least good luck with the next season.

  2. So is there any couterstrike gameplay involved or do you just manage a team?

  3. If you want to play CS go play CS, this is mainly tactics based.

    It's fun though :)