Saturday, 11 June 2011

June 11th - Xbox, Curry & BNP

Today started at like 3pm as I couldn't be arsed to get up. I partially remember My cousin Molly came sneaking into my room with some chocolate orange fudge and jumped on me at some random time in the day going "barbara barbara, would you like a bit of fudge" I am all..."Dang"...couldn't of been plain :/ I am not a fan of orange chocolate. I rolled back over until like 3 ish.

I wandered down stairs and made a sammich, with some ham and cheese, however I must say....pre sliced bread, ahah jogon! We do it proper in this house! Unsliced, fresh baked bread from le bakers, you can tell when I've made a sammich because I can't cut to save my life, don't even try and tell me it is easy because it aint! youve got to really concentrate when holding the loaf and sawwing off a lush slice!

Anyway moving on, sammich made! Eaten and enjoyed! Pack of "Salt your own" seen off too, and successfully got a sachet of salt today! It's a bleedin miracle!

Lunch was done so it was time to get in a few hours on COD, Can't forget that it is double XP weekend and a prime time to get some easy levels, In my own opinion and from personal experiences the best game to play is Headquarters because you can easily rack 15k XP a game! (Just a hint if you are reading :P)

Played a lot of xbox then had a nice Curry for dinner with my Nan, G-unit and Emma, Chicken Tikka Masala and a Peshwari Naan.....Jobs a gooden!!

Played some more xbox then watched a T.V programme called "Injustice" which I thought was bloody brilliant, On the surface William Travers is a picture of success. An accomplished criminal barrister happily living with his wife in rural Suffolk. However, Travers is still recovering from a traumatic series of events that have shaken his belief in the legal system, basically he is an ace barrister, but also he shoots a guy, and then kills another's all very interesting and I would definitely suggest it to you for viewing.

Martha and G (nicknames for my nan and grandad if you hadn't clocked) have headed up to bed (12:30) and I am now just watching crap on T.V.

Was watching a comedy show and one of the chaps mentions the BNP, and their website so I was just having a bit of browsing, I came across a few things which made me laugh and think to myself "Are these guys foreal" I mean some of the things they say seem semi-plausible but fuck me, the rest...haha jokes. Anyhow I will let you be the judge.

"The BNP wishes to portray itself as a party tough on crime, untainted by the political correctness of the other mainstream parties. They would bring back the death penalty, introduce automatic prison sentences for repeat offenders and electronically tagged chain gangs to provide labour (source: BNP mini manifesto 2007). They seek to create a new culture of discipline by restoring corporate punishment in schools, bring back national service and require each adult to own a standard issue military assault rifle."

Eh, I am all for death penalty if someone has truly deserved such punishment, so no arguments there, the automatic prison sentences I am partial to, if it is serious of course lock the shits up! The next part just makes me laugh "electronically tagged chain gangs to provide labour"..oh boy foreal? haha these guys are a joke, I am in some agreement to corporate punishment, but eh does seem a little harsh, as for national service I must object, we have people who want to fight for Britain, some people don't have the willpower or energy or smarts to tackle such tasks, but eh fuck it we will bring it back and equip the whole nation with assault rifles! Great work there tackling crime and gun culture guys giving every Tom, Dick and Mohammed a standard issue military assault rifle....

Bah they are idiots, anyway moving on!

Breaking news, My previous post including my solving the rubik's cube video inspired a friend of mine to learn how to solve it, we spoke a few times talking about tactics on solving the cube, he was so excited when I spoke to him today, he had finally cracked it, so excited to show off his success he too made a video and uploaded it to YouTube! I was his Second viewer (I assume it counts your own IP as a viewer :P) but anyway I was really pleased with the chap, however a little concerned...

Throughout the video you can see him solving aforementioned cube but he has no head! oh shit son...I assume he was a little shy or maybe he has an ugly mug, I will never know..but here is the video of my buddy solving the rubiks cube, takes the slacker 5 minutes but in all fairness when I first cracked it I was spending about that long on it, give it a few weeks he will be doing it in 2-3 mins easy as pie!

Here's his video, have a gander :)

Also, in case you were curious here is the days of the week in Japanese!!

Monday = Getsuyobi
Tuesday = Kayobi
Wednesday = Suiyobi
Thursday = Mokuyobi
Friday = Kinyobi
Saturday = Doyobi
Sunday = Nichiyobi

And with that I bid you farewell, until tomorrow my pretties x x


  1. Bring back the KKK with their stupid hats, "we hate blacks so we're going to dress up like fruity wizards" - all round better class of racist low lifes

  2. Above comment awesome