Tuesday, 7 June 2011

June 7th - Sleep/ C.V/YouTube Fame!

Today started at 8AM, shock horror! He's ALIVE!!! I stayed at my dads last night so was up early to eat breakfast with Kate and the kids, I had a nice bowl of cheerio-like cereal whilst Kate whipped up some porridge for her, Fred and Lizzie. We had a bit of breakfast chit chat then got the kids ready for school, T-dog is big enough to sort himself out and set off solo, I walked with lil fredster and lizzie to their school which is nicely placed about 30 feet away from there house. Then headed to my house (nans house).

I rocked up at like 9:30AM, my nan was literally speechless as she rarely sees me live and kicking before noon, I grabbed a glass of water then snuck off upstairs back to bed.

I was a major lazy git today and slept until 5PM, shit what a waste of a day...I really couldn't be arsed to do anything though and my neck and face were peeling which isn't the loveliest of sights.

I got up and made a sammich with some nice seedy bread, a slice of ham, a bit of cheese and a few crisps to add some crunch, today I opened my packet of "Salt Your Own" and nearly cried with joy, my packet today included a sachet, Praise the lord!

With dinner out the way I offered to look at my Nan's new T.V which was upstairs-upstairs, it had subtitles on all the time, which was annoying as they aren't deaf ...Yet ;)

It's a brand spanking new flatscreen TV, with built in freeview which is all very snazzy, my grandparents have a hard time adjusting to new technology, bless them. In all fairness I did end up having to Google it as I couldn't for the life of me figure it out, anyway Google prevails yet again and those subtitles were eradicated. Below is a picture of the beautiful set-up and the tv stand G-unit made yesterday at that horrid hour.

As you can see I very cheekily hooked up my xbox, I played a few hours today and got back into my winning ways on MW2 and Blops.

My sister Emma was heading over to my mothers to pick up a Tripod to borrow for a uni/work project and asked if I would like to go with her, I went and got changed and decided to give my new clothes a run.

My brother Charles was down over the weekend (you would know this if you've been following) and left me a pair of Ted Baker's and a new Adidas hooded sweater I tried them on and took a couple of pics (below) and was ready to rock n roll. We headed over to my mothers place at 7:30pm as they had just been swimming and were due back around then.

Got to my mums but no one was about so I collected a few things together which I had I forgotten last time I was over, bank cards, clothes, laptop (even though it's dead), razor(I totes need a shave) and some folders containing school records and work records and random documents I would need in my search for a job.

Mum and the girls arrived a little later and we had a little chat and looked around for a piece of the tripod which was missing (the little connector that connects device to tripod, after about 30 mins of searching mum realized it was in her camera bag, Fail.

We then watched a programme called "The World's Strictest Parents". The idea of the programme is to send misbehaving and dickhead brit teenagers to respected strict families in an attempt to make them see the way. The girl on this weeks program was an utter mong, she left school at 14 and got drunk a lot and was generally just a dick, the lad was 18 finished school with decent grades but couldn't be arsed to follow up with college and instead just got high a lot. They were sent to a strict christian family over in Puerto Rico for a week, twas quite funny, but the whole way through I just wanted to punch the girl in the face.

The program finished at 9pm, Chloe went off to bed and I gathered all my shiz and we went back home (Nan's), I decided I needed to write a C.V so knuckled down on that, however I have been warned if I talk about it too much in my blog I will receive a swift hit to the ovaries, so I shall speak no more on the subject. Consider yourself mentioned, John Keating.

Coming up to midnight and I've just finished writing my C.V and am now chilling on the PC, writing this, and listening to a bit of Ed Sheeran, Me and my housemate Sid and his pal went so see Ed Sheeran live at a small pub called "The Hare and Hound" (I think) in Birmingham a while back, it was an awesome set as our main man Ed did the whole set acoustic, on a table, in the middle of the room.

Anyhow Long story short, I got very drunk, drinking pints of JD and Coke at nearly a tenna a pop, Me and Ed had a little bit of banter between songs and at one point he even sang a little song to me "Will you wanna come to my hotel" at the end of the set a couple of people were going around asking the crowd if the enjoyed the show, filming it as they went. As seen in the video I am about to embed I was a tad drunk and stumbled into a couple who were talking to aforementioned camera and I gave my two cents.

I am at 2:27 in this video, however watching the whole thing is acceptable ;)

So yeah that's been my day, off to watch crap on T.V and play games online for a few before bed, busy day of job hunting tomorrow, Cheers for everyone who has been following and reading, this is the first time I've blogged ( you could probably tell as I suck at sentences and punctuation).

Correct to time of posting this there has been 417 views and 6 followers, I really appreciate you taking the time to read and please do share and follow!

God Speed!

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