Sunday, 12 June 2011

June 12th - 2 Roasts, COD & AWOL Porkers!!

Today got off to a slow start at like 3pm again as I didn't have much planned, Martha yelled up the stairs "Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes" You would never see me leap out of bed so quick, why you ask? It's a Sunday you cracka! Sunday roasts are the climax of my life! Lamb, tatties, stuffing, pudding, carrots all the trimmings...boy was it good! I do love me a good sunday roast!

After nomming down on some epic roast I went upstairs for a shower, I got a text off my mumma saying they were headed over to Moyra and Tony's for dinner, it was Tony's birthday! I agreed to tagging along as it is always nice to see the crew from the other side, arrangements were made for picking me up in two hours time, so I got dressed then got a cheeky few hours of COD with my main man Tommy, I am not going to lie, I was LIVID with the matches we played, Tommy is a slag you see and sold his copy of Black Ops so we were playing MW2 and because I had been playing Blops all weekend I wasn't up to scratch and there are a few little things that really rile me over on MW2, noob-tubers for starters, not to mention the fact when I shotgun someone in the face they still manage to kill me :/ I could rant for a bit but I wont bore you with that!

The time came and my mumma arrived with John, Chloe and Chelsea, we headed over to Moyra's to see the clan! We were there for a good few hours and I managed to nab myself a SECOND Sunday roast, haha get in! It was tasty and for dessert I had some toffee pavlova and ice-cream, we watched "Popstar to Operastar" which was actually rather enjoyable and we I got dropped back to my nans at 9ish.

I headed straight upstairs and got on with my Double XP gaming! played on COD til about 2:30AM then headed down stairs to watch some T.V there was naff all on, so instead I put "Eastenders Omnibus" on which Martha had recorded on the hard drive.

Bill for phone was due today, got a text off Orange so I tried to go on the website as it was all "Go to website and pay manz!" so I log in and I am met with a shit screen which read the following.

"We're sorry, this service isn't available right now. That's because our technical guys are making some planned changes to improve the service you get in future. We're working to get it back up and running by (date and time), please could you try again then?"

Cheers Orange, I am pretty sure the whole Idea of having the brackets was to inform me of the date and time you would be up and running, you stupid fucking eejits, well player Orange, well played.


I read some funny news today about pigs in Russia, made me laugh.

"Escaping pigs cause traffic jam in Siberian city." I saw this header and was hooked, everyone loves a good tale of AWOL porkers! The article goes on...

"Eight pigs tipped their trailer over and fled when they all rushed over to the same side - after smelling blood from an abattoir that they had been driven to."

These pigs got skills! A bit of team work and they managed to overturn their trailer and run wild!

"Two of the pigs are still on the run in Novokuznetsk, Russia, where they caused a huge traffic jam on the bridge they were travelling over."

I love how they say "still on the run" as if they are fugitives who have just escaped from captivity..RUN FREE PIGGIES!!!!

Anyhow folks, sadly that's all I've got for today! See you on the flip side!

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  1. The best part of all of this is why the hell are the pigs such a big incident? Couldn't they just shoot them or something? I guess they should just let them run around or something.

  2. Haha bashing the old double exp are we?

  3. Man, this is a pretty silly story. Little piggies~

  4. Hahahahha Pigs causing traffic jams :S. Sounds like a nice day with yummy foood ahhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Hahha funny stuff man, funny stuff.... :)

  6. I don't particularly know why, but for some reason I started getting excited when you were talking about the Sunday roast.

  7. Eh I got two of them :) bare jels?

  8. I personally prefer O2 for my mobile phone.