Sunday, 19 June 2011

June 19th - Hangover City!

I woke up at like 6am and staggered to the toilet and threw up for a solid 10-15 minutes, great start to the day, then slumped into the tent and dozed off until about 9-10ish.

We got up and were all looking a little worse than we had when we arrived. I guess that's what 7 crates, 20 ciders, bottle of rum and vodka will do to a group of friends.

My brother picked me up at like 12ish and we headed to tesco's to pick up my dad a bottle of wine for fathers day, we popped around our mums quick to say hi, she had our other nan and grandad over so we stayed for a bit and had a little catch up.

We got back to mine at like half four, I was knackered so slumped upstairs and had a little nap, woke up at half six ish, made a card for my dad, had a shower then headed over to deliver it, we chilled at dads for an hour or so and chatted, saw the kids and whatnot, I really wasn't very talkative as I was extremely hungover and tired as heck, got home and finished yesterdays blog and by about 10pm I threw in the towel, had to go to bed.


  1. That's what you get for drinking so much lol :)