Saturday, 18 June 2011

June 18th - Utterly Bungalowed.

Well well well, where to start?

I slept in til about midday before getting up and showering, making myself all clean and ready for a day/night of drinks and tomfoolery.

Looking after the kids yesterday meant I had bagged myself some rupees so I set off for Aldi to grab some supplies, I ended up grabbing 8 cans of pear cider and 12 cans of regular cider, "Taurus", nicely named, I also bought two packs of mixed gum sweets for 49p which turned out later that day to be complete shite and all tasted the same and not very 'sweet-y'.

Slugged back home and started packing, my bag consisted of what is needed to have a good time, a pair of shorts in case weather was nice, spare top, 20 cans of cider, a bottle of rum, bottle of coke, a blanket and a jacket. Jobs a gooden. I waited for G-unit to get back from visiting my uncle and aunts place to check out the new chickens then asked if I could book a ride in "Pete's Cab's" to Waterbeach, destination Livestock '11

Livestock is (it was my first time there but this is my interpretation of what it is) an event ran by our buddy Abe and his family and friends, they have two large open barns one full of tables and chairs and one with a stage and homemade dance floor, local bands and friends of the host come and play for the crowds.

There is a field for you to camp and you can bring any alcohol and supplies you should need for the day/night. A fee of £5 is charged for entry and dotted around the site there are donation boxes, there is a BBQ in the evening with a "dosh for nosh" box where you contribute towards the donations, the event is to help raise money for charity, I didn't get the name of the charity as I was very drunk but it is all for one of the Leukaemia charities, its a pretty low key event for friends, friends of friends and maybe friends of those friends, it really is a great event to go to, good banter, good music, plenty of booze and fun times all round and the best part is its all for charity, which is great!

I arrived at like half three ish, and we got straight onto the drinking, the deal was we had conquered a table early and we would take it in turns running to the tents and grabbing a few drinks out of each and filling our "Bucket" we had, this way we kept the table and we kept the drinks flowing! The process worked well until about 7/8ish when people were starting to get a bity tipsy and mingling, we still used the bucket but it wasn't as in much use as previously established, I do partially remember dancing around the bucket at one point in the music barn.

When we first started drinking one of our mates Joe got his Ukelele from the tent and we had a little sing along, However to every song he played I could have easily just sang 'somewhere over the rainbow'.

Might I just add that this guy is amazing, sadly he only lived to 38, but the guy has touched many hearts and produced some excellent music, this and his other songs truly bring a tear to my eye, ( See 'white sandy beach') R.I.P Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole, musical genius.

More drinks were consumed and I felt like I would get on the rum pretty soon, it was like 6/7pm more people were arriving and the session was in full swing, I fashioned a pretty little cup out of my can of cider, although it probably would of been better if I had finished the can first, oops. Here's a pic of my masterpiece goblet!

The rum and coke was cracked out and many drinks were had, live bands began to play and people were dancing, drinking, mingling etc, it was a decent evening.

The theme for this years event was "Disguise",(I think) Myself and Frank had blue overalls on and looked "Painter-ish", Tom had green overalls and was the "Janitor", he even brought a mop along, which ended up being dipped in mud, drinks, random crap and forced into various peoples faces, namely the "Suck the mop, Frank" incident. Many a "lol" were had. Joe was a pirate, there was a variety of fancy dress and some funny ideas.

Can't keep me away from the old faithful, Sainsburys basic rum!

Earlier in the day I backhanded Tom in the nuts, for the jokes, which was funny but it did now mean he does indeed owe me one free hit later, we were dancing happily to a band at about 9-10ish( I am guessing all times here as I was utterly gazeebo'd) when I took a full powered right hook to the nuts....Never felt so much pain in my life, I felt like I was going to thrown up and had to excuse myself to cry a little inside, my poor babys were throbbing for like 5 mins, all in the name of a crazy game, we called it even and shook hands after though.

I did bump into a lovely lady friend, she was 27 and a teacher, but I am not going to bore you with details, I am not one for kissing and telling, Zing!

We regrouped as the last music act was finishing up and Abe was announcing the best disguise, our boy Tom won it and immediately drunkenly pulled himself on the stage, Abe then took him for a shoulder ride through the crowd to show off his outfit, he was loving it.

Tom (Janitor) sharing his mop with Sam, our Bobbo in the background too :)

Once the music had ended we bundled into one of the tents and chatted for a bit, two of the girls and one of the lads streaked, which was pretty hilare, I wont name names as I am not sure if they would appreciate it, we went to bed pretty late I am not sure what time it even was, apparently I was just sleeping on our next door campers' lounger, I just remember waking up at about 6-7am walking to the toilets and chundering everywhere, I mean I sank 14 ciders and some rum n coke...I did well. once I had gotten it all outta my system I went back to sleep for another 2 or so hours.

All in all fookin epic day/night...great fun, great banter and great company! I'll drink to that!

Bit of a long post I know but I had a lot to talk about.


  1. Steam rollered

  2. Gazeebo and a bottle of rum, sounds like the good life.

  3. Sounds like a good plan to me!

  4. Enjoy getting gazeebo'd!

  5. You kiss and tell? Haha more like wish you did and tell no lies. Xox

  6. Rum and coke eh, therein lie the makings for a good night it seems :]