Thursday, 16 June 2011

June 16th - Day of sleep, Xbox n Jackass 2

As stated previously I was indeed up all of the night on my lappytap playing GemCraft, I really don't know why, I guess when in the game I just lose all track of time, oh and the fact I slept all day yesterday and was very awake, I finally packed it in at like 9:30 ish in the morning when I popped downstairs for a bowl of cereal, my nan nearly had a heart attack, she is not used to seeing me awake before noon..I got some breakky then headed upstairs for a sleep.

I slept through until about 5ish before getting up to a nice bit o' pig for dinner...

After dinner I played a few rounds of COD but I was getting pissed off by campers and noob-tubers, not to mention the lack of "friends" online, it always sucks joining random games which consist of camping, ghost using, fucks, or you roll a team with little to no skill..heck I would rather take my friend Mike on my team than play with these nubs...and if you knew mike you would understand how much of a "lol" he is :)

I jest Mike, you had a good run last time we were on!!

I have just finished watching Jackass 2, which until now I had never seen before. I really do love the new stunts and pranks, they really topped the first movie and I need to see the 3rd to see if they continued the trend of bigger and better stunts.

My favourite stunts and pranks from the movie have to be the "Gauntlet" where they all skate/bike down one ramp and across the skate park whilst the rest of the gang are swinging big black basher things, on one of their turns Weeman is hanging on the rope and swings in taking the lad clean out...the BEST part of this stunt is for the final run a blindfold is worn, skating down you all expect him to have ten shades of shit knocked out of him yet down to some magic and well timed skating the fella glides through missing every obstacle.

The next of my fave's is the taxi prank they pull, they talk Ehren McGhehey into dressing up as a terrorist with fake bombs strapped to his chest and calling a taxi to take him to the airport, little does he know that the prank is actually on him, the taxi driver is in on the prank and has been told to start beating on the guy and pull out a gun.

They make him a beard using their pubes (he is not informed of this until the end of the prank) which just adds extra hilarity, he gets forced in the boot of the taxi and the rest of the gang make sounds as if they have just confronted the driver to explain but instead a shoot out ensues, the taxi speeds off and drives around in circles a few times before pulling up and letting him out to reveal he just got got.

All of the stunts and pranks I thought were ace and would definitely like to watch the newest movie Jackass 3D! Call me a slacker and not with the times? Pssh never got around to it so leave me be!

Just chilling now and watching "Omen III: The Final Conflict" the last chapter in the Omen trilogy, if you have never seen the films I really do recommend them to you. Will the monks save the day..I hope so!


  1. Jackass is pretty funny.

  2. You should check out Jackass 3.5, much better then the 3D one is you ask me, even though both are worth watching. :)

  3. I find playing cod without friends, is cod not worth playing. all random noobs do is kill you with friendly fire and nade spam. hit me up on live sometime!

  4. Aren't the guys from Jackass getting old yet? Seems like they'd start seeing an increase in broken hips

  5. There are three Omen movies? I had no idea...

  6. Sounds like a good day to me.