Friday, 3 June 2011

June 3rd - Lame Ass Day!

Having been left on the sofa, which I might add I am about 2 foot too big for, I was awoken fairly early by our Gypsy (my grandparents dog) wanting to go upstairs, you see she usually goes up in the morning to say hi and snuggle with my grandparents.. I let her up then attempted to nod back off, an hour or so later a few of the kids began to stir. They were running around and being loud and annoying like kids do in the morning, so I took the time to sneak past them and reclaim my bed which was stolen from me the night before, dozing off into a deep sleep.

It was not until about 4pm I actually woke up properly, I had been awake a few times during the day but the sun burn on my neck was being a right pain so I tried to just sleep it off, come 4pm I decided to get my lazy ass out of bed.

Moped about around the house and did absolutely fook all until about 6pm when I wandered over to St Edmunds College, where I used to work, to see if there was any chance of getting a few shifts in, over summer.

Arrived at St Edmunds and walked in, the place was very different from when I used to work there and most of the old staff had actually left, my pal Alex was still chef-ing there so I had a lil chat with him, things had definitely changed around there and there was a lot of staff already working, chances are I wouldn't be able to get any work which was shit, oh well.

Slumped back home, The sun was shining and aggravating my neck, I applied some more after-sun lotion and decided to fix up some dinner, I went for Ribs, they cost a mighty £2.99 for a rack. I cooked those badboys and scoffed the lot.

Since then I've been jobhunting online and asking around people I know for work, no luck as of yet which is lame because I have a maxxed bank account (-£1,400), £150+ owing on my credit card, owe money to various people, have a phone contract and need to find 300+ to hold for deposit on a new house in I know :/

Just chilling watching the Mentalist on the box and attempting to get myself out of this shit financial crisis, wish me luck!

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