Thursday, 23 June 2011

June 23 - Kalashnikov, Pizza and Gaming

I made a new header for my blog, took me a fair while to cut out the picture of Bret (Flight of the Conchords) and then put my head on it, was quite fun to fiddle about creating, I thought it would look cool if I was holding a Golden Kalashnikov, I added a pretty xbox picture as well because I love mine.

My friend linked me to this video the other day which made me laugh, I will give you a bit of back story about it, I live with a lad from London called Rob, nicknamed Pet and a Portuguese lad called Luis, nicknamed Cristiano. We always take the piss out of Luis' accent obviously it is only friendly banter, and this Russian guy in the video below reminded us slightly of our Cristiano.

We also love playing zombies on the xbox and for some reason we love saying "Kalashnikov" it is now a term in our house for someone who is being a douche, you simply say "You Kalashnikov!" (in a Russian accent of course)

I am not saying Russian and Portuguese people sound the same but if you knew Cristiano watching this video you could close your eyes for a few seconds and here him say "That was fuckin awesome!"

This Russian guy is a nutter, watch his videos. He has a vast range of weapons and has a pretty decent aim, he has a shit load of videos and I would definitely reccomend you have a browse.

All of his guns are real, the video below made me laugh hard because he proves his gun is real and dishes out a bit of banter about other peoples countries.

I made an epic pizza today! I say made it, it was a pre-made pizza out of a packet but I added a shit ton of ham and cheese on the top before cooking it, it was epic, here is a pic pre-oven.

I kinda forgot to get a pic once it was cooked as it smelt so damn good! Nommed that shiz right up!

Played a bit of Xbox, then GemCraft then spent about an hour playing "Icebreaker" which is a crazily addictive game in which you are vikings and need to save your fellow viking friends from the ice, it's a fun little game anda good thing to help pass the time.

Spent the rest of the day being a lazy ass I guess, according to some ginger I went to college with I need to sort my life out :/ waking up late and doing fuck all in a day is not good and I shouldn't write about it, somehow though I think I will ignore him as I have a nice following on here and you guys usually have something partially interesting to read, I do try!

Hope I haven't let the team down today!


  1. hehe.. adding stuff on premade pizza -- going to be old school there!

  2. haha i would totally do that to the pizza, only thing is i wouldnt stop there, i would add EVERYTHING and them make it well done. yummy.

  3. Nice! I like to add, and just go with me on this for a second, broccoli to my frozen pizza. I know it sounds gross, but it's definitely a tasty way to get some vegetables in your diet!

  4. Oh, those silly Russians. They are too funny.

    But they also scare me.

  5. FULL
    *drops bullet like an idiot*

  6. I love it when that Russian blows shit up!
    Very interesting blog!
    Check mine out!

  7. That Russian guy is off his rocker.

  8. He is not actually Russian, his name is FPS Kyle and he's American. He is well known in the Call of Duty YouTube community for hosting the podcast Painkiller Already with WoodysGamerTag and WingsOfRedemption. Look it up on YouTube and you can hear him talk for real.

    Also I hope you liked my review of Ice Breaker :)

  9. FPSRussia is so damn awesome! Love those videos!