Monday, 13 June 2011

June 13th - Rachel, Flybe & Plans Ahoy!

Genius thinking lead to me not even sleeping last night, you see the logic (supposedly) is that I can go to bed tonight at a suitable time to try correct my cackhanded sleeping pattern, we shall see!

I had some breakfast pretty early and just moped around not doing an awful lot, it was my little cousin Molly's first Ballet exam today and she was off school for the morning so she could do it, they popped into ours on the way to say hi, Molly was pretty excited and seemed ready, baring in mind she is only 6...

We chatted for a bit then Molly and my aunt left for her exam, I went upstairs and dossed about on my laptop browsing the wonderful wide web, fascinating place indeed.

It had been suggested that my ol' pal Connor, who flew over from Ireland in April for my surprise 21st birthday, was to visit me over summer, so I had been looking around for flights and decent deals. I had to bare in mind Connor was a lazy ass and doesn't sleep normal, like myself, so the odds of the leprechaun catching a 7-8AM flight were looking slim, even though they cost a 1/3rd of the price :/

I wandered downstairs at about half one and Molly had just gotten back from her exam, her hairwas all tied up nicely, like ballerinas do (no idea on the professional term and I am too lazy to google it) I asked how she got on, to which she replied with a wide smile and two thumbs up, I assume that means she "Nailed It!". I got some lunch then went upstairs to play with my Rubik's cube and try sort some of my crap out.

I had recently been introduced to one of Connors friends from back home, her name was Rachel, she seemed like a pretty standard lass, and word is she was meant to come over for my birthday too but didn't manage too....Connor had this idea of giving her to me for my birthday or something, you never know with that guy, anyway chatted to Rachel and tried to figure out when is best for them to come over but it's her dads birthday and her birthday in the weeks I looked at which kinda messed up all the recent searches I had done (took like 2 hours) summarize, nothing has been booked or set in stone yet. I need to convince these chomo's to get up earlier and save pennies!

Had some pretty tasty Chicken pie for dinner, always a gooden!

Played some xbox for a few hours but couldn't concentrate so I am actually off to bed before midnight for the first time in months! See you on the flip side.


  1. It would have been liking getting you a hooker, only for free.

  2. Giving her to you as a birthday present? Lol...

  3. Tell your friend to use an alarm and put it really far away so he has to reach for it when it rings

  4. I want chicken pie :(haahaah.

  5. all of a sudden im hungry. I want some chicken pie lol. :P Great post though

  6. Wouldnt want Buck's sloppy's would ye