Thursday, 9 June 2011

June 9th - Barbara!!

Today hasn't been a productive day, I woke up at 2pm, my new replacement charger for laptop arrived and I linked it up, turns out I just needed a new charger which was good so now I am back with my own laptop, it's been over a month and I am glad to have my baby back!

We headed over to Willingham, which is a little village outside of Cambridge where I used to live, my Aunt lives there with her hubby Mike and their four kids Lily, Evie, Harry and Molly, my Nan and G-unit pop over every Thursday to see them, the gradparents "Thursday" has become a tradition over time, myself and bro Charles and sister Emma used to see them every Thursday when we were littlens, we arrived just in time to pick the youngest three up from primary school.

Evie came out first and said hi before walking home with her mate, Molly could see me waiting outside her classroom with nana and I could see the smile on her face when she first spotted me, she was edging to leave, when the classroom door finally open she comes running out screaming "Barbara" and gave me a big hug.

I guess I should explain the nickname Barbara which I have when I am around my aunts, a few years back we were all just chilling and Molly was being annoying like any 4 year old is, and she wouldn't leave me alone, she was going "Will, Will, Will, Wiilllllllll" I tried my best to ignore her but she was persistent, I turn to her and say "My names not will anymore" to which she replies "What is your name" and for some reason the name Barbara popped into my head and before I could compute it was spewed from my mouth, so yeah...I am known as barabara now to my aunt and cousins, I don't mind because I am cool like that.

Anyway back to my day, we hopped in the car and waited for nana and harry to get in before driving to my aunts house, we chilled for a bit and I played nintendo DS with my cousin Harry and helped him get some more % completed on Lego Batman, which I must add is quite an enjoyable game, the other kids watched some rubbish on the tv and nothing exciting happened really, dinner was about 6ish and we had "slices" and chips, I had a beef and onion slice which was yummy!

Dessert consisted of "yum yums" and other tasty goodies, we left and were home by like 7-7:30. I headed straight upstairs to play some xbox, I played xbox for a solid few hours then chilled on my laptop checking out the interwebs,

I must apologize for the lame day I had today, well it wasn't lame for me as I got to see some fam, but for you readers, not a lot has happened.

I guess for a bit of filler I can add some interesting videos, containing myself, as this is all about me :)

First and foremost, my youtube debut, my lip-singing to backstreet boys, haha was filmed many a moon ago and still provides good entertainment for all ages...

Next up we have a music video I made in tribute to a friend of mine, Parker Case is in the band and I made this video for one of their songs whilst at uni and bored.

Lastly a repost of my video of solving the Rubiks cube, again at uni and bored :)

Once again thankyou for viewing, I should be doing something exciting tomorrow, I promise!!

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