Wednesday, 22 June 2011

June 22nd - I hate you Will - "Go Die"

Today I woke up at like 8:3AM but it was horrid weather so I dozed back off, it was pretty much pissing it down all morning (unless I was dreaming, in which case...odd dream).

I got up at pretty much noon on the dot and went downstairs for a ham and cheese roll, one of those fresh bakers' rolls not the lame ass packet rolls! Twas epic.

I then lay on the sofa and read "Take a Break" which is not usually for my gender nor my age group but my nan bloody loves it, it is packed with real life stories, peoples problems, puzzles and random things. I wont lie , I actually enjoy reading it.I wouldn't buy it, but I am always keen to pick it up when my nan is done with it and have a browse. One of the stories this week did bring a little tear to my eye, but I wont speak of that!

I then had a nap for like an hour or so before my mum arrived to pick me up, I was headed over for dinner and to look at a pc at hers which wasn't booting.

I turn the PC on, and was baffled at the screen I was shown, something I had never seen before, here is the start-up screen and the error message I was met with.

At first I tried unplugging any USB's and it still failed so I got my screwdriver out and took the casing off, I was met by a cloud of dust and cobwebs when I opened her up. I had a fiddle about and one of the pins connecting something to something else was loose so I forced it back into its slot, I rebooted it...Same problem.

I sighed and took it back downstairs to take apart again, unlike most PC's this one didn't have a USB port in the front however it did have another cable port, so I disconnected that (it looked battered anyway) took it upstairs and it booted fine. Bloody PC's eh! Must be nice to have a son who is good with technology.

Had a nice bit of Sausage Casserole for dinner with peas and puddings then watched two episodes of Hollyoaks with Mum , Chloe and Chelsea.

As we got up to leave Chloe threw the dogs football at me, to try and spark something...I ignored her, picked up the football and took it with me outside so she couldn't throw it at me again, and this is where it all kicked off!

She started screaming, kicking, slapping...I was just stood there waiting for mum to unlock the car so I could get in, I looked to Chloe and said "I'm not giving you the ball" then turned and launched it in the air aiming for our garden, sadly missing, and it landed in next doors but eh, they're a nice bunch and will pass it back, this sent her into an even crazier mode of anger.

She was hitting, kicking and yelling still wishing I was dead, telling me to go away...yet she wouldn't let me get in the car without taking a few hits, I finally managed to get in the car but mum had forgotten her phone so she popped back in the house to grab it and I locked myself in the car, Chloe continued to scream and hit the windows, at one point she was trying to rip open the sun roof, which made me laugh, she was shouting "I am calling the police" to which I replied "To tell them what?" she pressed about 11 numbers on here phone and I commented "it's the three 9's mate..9 9 9 I think you've typed a few too many numbers".

A few pics to document the drama! Maybe in a few years she will read this and realize being a douche isn't clever, it's just an annoyance.

oh and the "IMMA PULL OFF THE ROOF WINDOW!" shot.

The video camera app on my phone is glitched so sadly couldn't video the drama.

Mum finally got her stuff and was back in the car so we were set to go, as we were pulling off chloe gave me one last "Why don't you go and die" before we left for my nans, oh what a pleasant little sister I have.

The rest of my evening will consist of playing xbox and reading up on news and shiz on the lappytap,

God speed fine followers x


  1. No photos. Funny story though. Little sisters can be horrible.

  2. Can't see the pictures, but it sounds like you had an intense day.

  3. Pics also doesnt work for me,but good story.

  4. They work for me so I assumed people could see :/ I will re-upload them, they're shit pics tbh lol.

  5. Take a break is one of my dirty little secrets, and I can see the pics fine btw.

  6. Work now fella I re-uploaded them :)