Friday, 17 June 2011

June 17th - Siblings, Adams Family, Karate Kid, Grease and Tingz

Today started at about 8am when I got up and had a shower, a bowl of cereal then drifted back off into a deep sleep, my sister was graduating for the second time, finishing her PGCE course at one of cambridges finest colleges ;) my dad dropped me a text to see if I could look after the siblings when they got in from school so that him and Kate could be present at the ceremony so I napped until like 2pm before getting up properly.

I headed over to my dads for 3 o'clock where I met my bro Thomas, we then walked over the road to get Lizzie and Fred from school then went back to the house and settled down and watched "The Adams Family : Family Values" which is an old time favorite of mine, great story line, awesome cast and great for the kids.

Dad and Kate got back at like half four-ish but had decided they would be going out for dinner with Emma and Tom (Big Tom, the BF) if I could stay for longer, they offered pizza and chicken strips from Domino's so I could hardly say no! Pizza arrived and we settled down to watch the new version of Karate Kid, the one with mini Smith. Another great film, brilliant acting by the kid and by Jackie Chan...who looks a little aged in the film..I mean the guy is like 54? Still got the skills though, aging well!

We then watched Grease, which if you haven't seen..pshh you haven't lived. It made me remember the time I was in a production of Grease, oh the joys of being a youngster in school and holiday productions...those days are long gone, although I still know the songs and the dances to most of them I was in, haha such a sadact.

Just chilling back at home now watching "Law and Order" with Martha for a bit before heading to bed, Busy day tomorrow :)

Please note that I've had to write this with a grown dog sat shivvering on my lap, poor lass Gypsy is scared of the fireworks and needs her big Will to keep her safesies!


  1. Friends dog is the same way, they give her "Doggie Downers" and she stares off into space for a looooong time

  2. Ah grease, sister made me watch that non stop as a kid, grease lightnin!

    Loving the Oregon shirt

  3. Your dog looks so cute lol:)

  4. Wicked step mum!!18 June 2011 at 01:14

    Thanks again for minding the kids Will. Enjoy your evening out.....