Friday, 24 June 2011

June 24th - Gemcraft, Dippers and Constantine

In the middle of a pretty intense level of Gemcraft, I accidentally stacked the enemies so there was like 3k in one wave and boosted their stats so they have over a million hp and 5k armor...spent like two hours on this level alone.

The fact this one wave has still nearly 2k monsters is is lagging like fook my laptop is soo hot!

I will finish up the blog once I finish the level.

Wowzer that level took forever, check out the points I got for it though haha...

For dinner today I cooked me up some Chicken Dippers, they were amazing geoff! Put them on a plate and swirled salad cream and tomato ketchup over them in a pretty little pattern before nomming the shiz out of them!

It would appear I have tonsillitis or something with similar symptoms, so feeling pretty crappy, oh well it'll pass in a few days.

Watched Constantine this evening which is a fooking amazing film! The story line is ace and the cast is brilliant, they really do go well together to produce an action packed film with fighting and god/devil/good/evil/demons etc's a great film, have a watch!


  1. Jesus, you've been keeping busy. I was never this good at tower defense games.

  2. I keep hearing about this game

  3. I have never played that game, but it seems like you won against tough odds. Congrats!