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June 8th - Raye-yayayayaye-yock

Wowzer, writing this entry pretty late, it's half past midnight. I must apologize as today hasn't been that great, I've not really done or seen anything majorly "OMG WOW" today but please bare with me, I promise I will dropkick my neighbours dog or set the postbox on fire tomorrow to make up for it.

The day started pretty late at an amazing 2pm, rolled outta bed and had a shave and shower, looking fresh for the first time in a few days, I printed off 10 or so C.V's and wandered int otown to hand a few out and enquire in a few places, I can't be arsed to bore you with specifics but no luck as of yet on the job front, a few places told me they would hold onto my C.V until they needed people, oh well, I slumped back home for about 4pm.

Played a few rounds of xbox and then my buddy from Uni, Tommy, came on and we played merrily together on MW2, I did say at the start of this that my day hadn't been packed full of exciting adventures, Dinner was at sometime around 6ish we had some tasty ham and mash and carrots, was pretty delish.

I had been browsing facebook and seen one of my friends statuses which read the following:

Connlaoth SekretName
haha all sellers of the big issue to receive iphone 5 work phones what next?

This made me chuckle a little and I had to Google it as you never know with our Connlaoth, I was baffled with the results I came across, this was actually going to be put in place after the iPhone 5's release on 21st of November, here's a little snippet from the site I came across.

"homeless people who sell The Big Issue street newspaper will soon be equipped with brand new smartphones, enabling them to go beyond being mere vendors, acting as news gatherers – just like the journalists who work for the BBC.

Vendors will be blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking and snapping digital images and audio of the action all over the country after the launch of the iPhone 5, according to John Bird, MBE, the entrepreneur who founded the Big Issue, to put the homeless back on track."

Read more:

What a crazy world we live in eh? Giving the homeless people an iPhone, why not give them a house??

Anyway moving on, another friend of mine's status read this:

Zora Sekretnamehere
Right The Human Centepede 2 has been banned, so who is going to find a way to get it for me?

This statement alone made me laugh, you must have seen the first "Human Centipede" where a nutjob scientist kidnaps and mutilates three tourists, re-assembling them to create his new "pet" -a human centipede, created by stitching their mouths to each others' all fairness the film is utter shit, but a decent watch if you are into sick and twisted films. ( who isn't??)

The second film (of a rumoured 3) has been banned by the British Board of Film Classification's in Britain whenever it is finally released (which I'm not sure if it has been yet), this film will be 1 of 14 films banned by the BBFC, ever. ( or so I am lead to believe)

The BBFC have said that it may not be screened, distributed on DVD, or even made available via the Internet since it “poses a real, as opposed to a fanciful, risk that harm is likely to be caused to potential viewers.”...I mean, this is a joke right? It's a fucking film for christ sakes, fair play if people don't like it or parents don't want their kids to watch it, but banning the film completely?

Kind of a nub error if you ask me, firstly and foremost, if something is "Banned" people will want to see it, I bet half of Britain didn't know "The Human Centipede" existed, but now they've heard the second is going to be banned they would have watched the first one and will now be all "omgwtfbbqsauce I need to see this 'banned' film"...I could rant for a while but eh, lol @ BBFC.

Fun Fact : When I saw a comment earlier today with "BBFC" I had no idea what it referred to, I just thought they were talking about the BB"Fucking"C, simple mistake I guess.

Thought I would list the other films banned from Britain. Some of these bans were lifted years after original banning, but some are indeed still banned.

1932–1963 Freaks

Rejected by British censors and banned. It was again rejected for a cinema rating certificate in 1952. Available from 1963 - passed with an X rating.

1954–1967 The Wild One

Banned from distribution in the United Kingdom until 1967.

1960–1968 Black Sunday

Mario Bava's film was banned due to its violent content until 1968.

1968–1988 The Trip

Roger Corman's film was banned due to its glorification of LSD. It was later unbanned, but not released in Britain until 1988.

Banned by the BBFC until 2002 and not passed uncut until 2008.
1973–1990 The Exorcist

Not banned per se, but Warner decided not to submit the film for classification for a few years following the video nasty crisis. It was not until 1990 that the film was finally submitted and passed with an 18 rating.

1973–2000 A Clockwork Orange

Not banned as such but withdrawn two years after its release by its own director, Stanley Kubrick. This was not because of the copycat violence allegedly inspired by the film, as commonly believed. Kubrick received death threats against his family, and arranged to withdraw the film from UK cinemas. It was not allowed to be shown again in the United Kingdom until after his death. Throughout the decades the film acquired a mythical status in the country, until Kubrick died in 1999 and the ban was finally lifted.

Banned; it was passed uncut in 1999.

Umberto Lenzi's film was banned. Passed in 2003

1989–present Visions of Ecstasy

Banned under blasphemy laws, it is the only film ever to be banned in the UK due to blasphemy. Since the UK's blasphemy laws were repealed in 2008, the film is likely to be passed in the near future.

Banned; passed uncut in 2004

1993–present Mikey

Rejected by the BBFC for a certificate in 1996; a trailer had been previously classified 18 four years before. In the aftermath of the widely-publicised murder of Jamie Bulger, the BBFC (on the guidance of three child psychiatrists) banned the film because it features a child as a killer (which they believed might cause children who watched it to act violently).

2009–present Grotesque

Banned due to a high level of sexual torture.

Not really done an awful lot else today, read up about the films I've just mentioned, and added most to my "must see" list. I love how things getting banned makes me want to watch them more, linking all the names took me ages, as the films are named differently and shiz.

Oooh another thing I watched today was Episode 7 of Game of Thrones which was bloody brilliant, an exciting twist in this episode, need to get ep 8 which came out this week.

I then watched the Tenacious D movie, which makes me crease each and every time, the starting song Kikapoo made me think of my uni buddy "Kiko" who always sings that song and plays in on his guitar, also anything with Dio in is bound to be AMAZING.

With the film over I then played some more xbox with my buddy Tommy (wow two mentions in one blog) until midnight, then I wandered down stairs made a ham sammich and sat down to watch "The Whole Ten Yards" which is a funny film to say the least, with Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis.

The film is just about to end and I've just finished this bad boy blog!

Hope you enjoyed the read, follow and share!

Peace out!


Can I just say this guy is a fucking legend, just came on the T.V

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