Sunday, 5 June 2011

Naff Ol' Day - June 5th

Apologies to readers, my day has been boring as fook, I woke up at about 3:45pm, well I didn't wake up then I woke up alot earlier but had nothing on the agenda for today so just rolled around and napped and shiz until my sister Emma popped her head in the room and told me Sunday lunch would be ready in five mins, I was excited...Sunday roasts are my favourite kind of roasts, especially when cooked by my Nana who I would have to say is one of the worlds best roast makers!

I've come a long way with roast dinners, back in the day I only used to eat the meat, puddings and potatoes now I am all over that roast! Vegetables included, peas, carrots, potatoes, yorkshire pudding, stuffing, the lot! Oh how amazing it was, I think I ended up having two plates full.

For dessert my nan cooked a rhubarb crumble, it looked lovely but I feel rhubarb is an acquired taste, I am not a fan so I just had some Ice cream and custard, twas yummy.

My brother Charles arrived home just as we had finished dessert, he started getting all his stuff together for when he leaves to go back to Reading, he grabbed a bottle of Lucozade (energy/sport drink) and unscrewed the lid slowly to avoid getting any spillage, he had just asked me if I was writing a blog today and what I would put in it, I replied something along the lines of "I blog everyday , but I've done fook all today so it wont be too long" mid convo he jumps out of his seat and lucozade is flying everywhere, he thought it would be a good idea to put some of his 'Creatine' powder into his drink, any sane person would think that adding such powder to an already fizzy drink would end in a volcano-like eruption of liquid...It was pretty amusing to say the least and added a bit of bulk to my blog for today which I guess I am thankful for as I've literally done shit all else today.

For those who have no idea what Creatine is it's a powder that helps with muscle growth, maybe to help broski get his back in tip top shape or to help him grow big and strong, athletes use it to improve muscle growth and improve performance. (or something, I am no pro)

My bro set off at about 4:30 to pop around my dads before heading off back home, it had been a good few days seeing him and spending time with the trio (me him and Em) and having a little catch up and our day out yesterday, the weather today is pretty shoddy and rainy which is lame.

Just chilling now for the evening doing naff all I guess and watching crap on TV with my nan.

Below is a few pics from yesterdays adventure.

My brother Charles testing out a Poncho at one of the random stalls.

Me and Izzy on the punt