Monday, 20 June 2011

Ryan Dunn Dies - I shit you not :/

Ryan and an unknown, unnamed friend, died today in a car crash, this news is utterly heartbreaking, the guy was only young and a great laugh in many shows we've seen growing up with!

He first appeared with the CKY crew back in 1998 through to 2003 before making it big with Jackass and Viva La Bam. He was in a handful of other shows and films, he was a bloody funny guy and a great addition to CKY, Jackass and Viva La Bams team, he will be greatly missed and remembered for all the laughs he provided.

According to the news he died this morning in a car crash , the vehicle was going well over 100 miles an hour,

It's a damn shame, may he rest in peace!

R.I.P Ryan Matthew Dunn (June 11, 1977-June 20, 2011)

I have included a full list of his T.V and film appearances if you'd like to re-watch anything in his honor,

Jackass (MTV, 2000–2002)
Viva La Bam (MTV, 2003–2006)
Homewrecker (MTV, 2005)
Bam's Unholy Union (MTV, 2007) 24 Hour Takeover (MTV Special, 2008)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC, 2008, One episode)
Bam's World Domination (SpikeTV, 2010)
Proving Ground (TV series) (G4 TV, 2011)
Minute to Win It (NBC, 2011)

Jackass: The Movie (2002)
Haggard (2004)
Jackass Number Two (2006)
The Dudesons Movie (2006)
Jackass 2.5 (2007)
Blonde Ambition (2007)
Bam Margera Presents: Where the ♯$&% Is Santa? (2008)
Minghags (2009)
Street Dreams (2009)
Jackass 3D (2010)
Living Will (2010)
Booted (2011)
Close Up (2011)
Jackass 3.5 (2011)

CKY video series: CKY, CKY2K, CKY3 and CKY4. (1998–2003)
Don't Try This At Home - The Steve-O Video Vol. 1 (2001)
Don't Try This At Home - The Steve-O Video Vol. 2: The Tour (2002)
Steve-O - Out On Bail (2003)
Dunn and Vito's Rock Tour (2008)


  1. WOW, just saw done on minute to win it with steve 2 days ago, he was looking good. RIP Dunn, you brought us all many laughs

  2. Well shit, he was my favorite one too, had the best beard :\ RIP mr Dunn

  3. It's sad but it was also kind of his fault since he was drink driving so I have no sympathy for him.

  4. Man... we're going to miss him.