Monday, 8 August 2011

Riots Riots Everywhere...

Well I am going to keep this short as I need all my energy to be disgusted right now.

Throughout England there are mass riots, looting...hoodies on the loose...setting anything and everything on fire, breaking into buildings/shops, threatening the public and shop owners, beating people up and generally being dicks...

It appears anger over the shooting of Mark Duggan was the cause of this rioting. Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old father of four, was gunned down in disputed circumstances Thursday in Tottenham.

Since then the shit has literally hit the fan.

Latest news reports are that London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol and many other places now are being over run by rioters and looters..

It really is unclear on what these people are trying to achieve, they are literally destroying their hometowns, the places they live, the places they grew up...if they destroy it all...what will they have left?

People are moaning at the lack of police presence, but I've seen a few videos online of a group of police being outnumbered, people throwing road signs, cones, bricks and anything they could at them...about 40 odd youths outnumbering 8 policemen, it really is sickening.

They are setting police cars on fire, buses...businesses, the looting is insane. An arcade in Birmingham was recently hit by raiders, the lady in charge was threatened if she wouldn't let them in the vault. She called the police a few times before and during the raid but nothing was done.

I really do not know what to say, I am actually speechless and disgusted at the behavior of of England today, it is nothing to be proud of.

99% of these people are just rioting and looting because they can...They have no REAL reason to be doing any of this...

I could rant on forever on how I wish the police or army could just get in there and shoot any and all who do not stand down. We NEED to regain power, we cannot just sit here and let this bullshit continue. Peoples businesses and livelihoods have been ruined, one guy was also shot again today during rioting, 100 people have been arrested, but it's not enough....

Here is Allied Carpets which was burnt down on Saturday night...Before and After.

And that is just one building!

Many other buildings/cars have been set ablaze, with no care as to whether anyone was inside or not.

More pics of the hell that's let loose...

Here's the Video I was on about with the police being outnumbered...just a bit?!
(couldn't figure how to embed, sorry)

More pics...

It's sickening.

Half of these bloody hoodies are like 15...mum's and dad's sort your fucking kids out they are being twats and ruining our country....

This woman hits the nail right on the head!!

I say send in the man!


  1. Damn...I don't even know what to say.

  2. I'm sorry to hear all that is going on in London. My wife and I will be arriving there Wednesday morning from FL. I hope things don't get so bad that they start attacking Americans. I believe in fighting for a cause (like the woman in the video), but to riot with no common goal is selfish. Best of luck to you and your fellow country men.

  3. That's multi culture, fucking up your country! Here in Holland is the same shit whith import people, they don't chnge to fit in, they just here to fuck us up! I say, no more! Come on native people and take a stand against this imported hatred against your country, see them as the enemy and put on a Churchil tape and replace german for import.

  4. @Anonymous If you're going to make racist comments, be a man and stop hiding behind the web, you ignorant fuck.

    This isn't about race. These are kids, all races, destroying our city. You're just as bad as them. They're finding an excuse to loot, you're finding an excuse to preach your racial bullshit. You make me sick.

    Proud of the Turkish community defending Dalston:

  5. Crazy ass pictures. Fucking chavs.

  6. @Anonymous Your racism is not wanted here.

    Admitedly this started out as an attack on the police force by those of different races who felt they were being treated badly by the police over a long period of time, that lad getting shot sparked one hell of a shit storm.

    However that was just the spark that ignited the flames in many gangs, hoodies, chavs, kids, bored people, opportunists....who had nothing better to do than join in and cause trouble and burn shit, loot shit and cause all round hell.

    Any one can see that this is NOT just a bunch of black kids fucking up our's black kids, white kids...they are not doing it for any reason other than to get involved and cause trouble. Mindless, bored opportunists hopping on the bandwagon.

    I honestly do not feel this is a race riot, and those who preach it are no better than those involved.

  7. The same thing happens again and again throughout history. Something bad happens and then there's always two possible explanations. The false one (trying to find the culprit as materialized in a race or creed) ... or the true one. The false one is the fascist one: the problem is immigration, the problem are black people, the problem are muslims ... The fascist mentality tries to locate the problem by giving it a face, a face that can be hated.

    The view without delusion sees that the guilt lies not on this or that group of people but in something SYSTEMIC. The problem is CAPITALISM ITSELF. This opinion is not so popular anymore, but until we name things properly, we won't go anywhere.

    CAPITALISM is systemically flawed. We're not offshoring and outsourcing everything including programming jobs ... so the false thing here is to "hate immigrants that steal our jobs" or Indians that steal our software jobs instead of seeing how the INTERNAL NECESSITY OF CAPITALISM does this. Nobody is stealing anything from anybody. It's simply capitalism.

    20th century Socialism was a disaster we all saw that. But that still doesn't mean it's the end of communism or anarchism. What we see here is another outburst of rage and there will only be more and more because unemployment will be a BIGGER problem.

    Techonological development will produce more and more surplus labour and unemployment will rise but capitalism is not the right system to deal with this, so people come up with pseudo jobs that are really good for nothing like marketing. I'm sorry for this long rant, we just need something new. Some form of communism that has nothing to do with the 20th century socialism.

  8. This is so intense and I can't believe other media outlets aren't talking about it

  9. wahey, they've just hit my city now, scum

  10. The pictures and stories coming from London are mind boggling... Government needs to sort this out and then sort out the environment that spawns these kinds of idiots.

  11. Those guys are the most retarded motherfuckers ive seen in a while. Seriously how can destroying looting everything, trashing innocent people shops and workplaces, solve anything?

  12. This is disgusting. However, there are a few rays of hope/justice.

    I don't have the link to it BUT there exists a site where people are posting pictures of the rioters and asking the public to identify them.

    It was extremely effective in the Vancouver riots and I hope these idiots get what's coming to them.

  13. Resolving this immediately needs to be the highest priority of everyone in power.

  14. A G3 and TWO shotguns?? That bitch is bad fucking ass!
    Anyways yeah this situation is tragic, especially when people are being victimized for putting out fires and such.


  15. The guy in the last picture looks serious!