Thursday, 18 August 2011

Busy ol' day!

Stayed over my mate Catharine's last night with two of my besties Tom and Frank, Tom had the sofa and a cover, Frank had the cushions off the sofa and a sleeping bag and I had the floor and my jacket, good times! We had been drinking and Tom fell asleep fairly quickly, Frank was close to follow but boy does that kid snore.

I know I snore like a beast but our Frank wow, I would give that man a medal! Kept me up for a good hour or so alongside me trying to get comfy, Tom had the cheek to blame as well!! I slept from about 5AM til about half nine, I got picked up an hour or so later and headed home.

Mumma took me out to get some new clothes, I got a few t-shirts, some boxers and socks.

Our TV at home busted and the colors went all weird so we got a new TV, the bloke at the store threw in a TV stand for 1p (originally 80quid) we then grabbed some lunch in Tesco's and headed home.

Took me about 5-10 minutes to set up the stand then I fixed the TV on it's stand, hooked her up and switched her on...

I was not happy with what I saw, a dark black horizontal line through the screen, I mean we bought this TV about an hour and a half ago.

Here's a pic.

Mumma rang up the place and we ended up swapping it, set up the new one and job's a gooden!

Pretty setup.


  1. Dayum that's a big TV. Sounds like a good day, I've found a store near me that does clothes in my size so in a few weeks when I (hopefully) get some monies we shall get me some clothes, and I shall go to the ball...

    Or just eat the pumpkin. Never eaten pumpkin actually.

  2. That is a pretty nice set up. Last time I had my TV set up it took more than 5 minutes! I always baby new electronics like I am going to break them or something, hahah. Very nice set up! :)

  3. I can't sleep for a second when someone snores. Even when I sleep already it wakes me up instantly.. I HATE that sound.

  4. Now, thats the proper way to watch TV. Congrats sir!

  5. Wow that is a nice setup, indeed.