Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Hot-Chocolate Kind of Day.

Yesterday I spent the day with my friend Ruby, we had some chocolate and just stocked up on milk, even bought some whipped cream so hot chocolate was definitely on the cards.

We started off with just a normal hot chocolate (cadburys powder) with hot milk and whipped cream, twas epic, we also decided to crumble some choc chip cookies over the top too which was fecking tasty!

Later on in the evening we found a couple of party size mars bars, and a new venture was born.

For the next hot drink I put the milk in the saucepan and began to finely chop the marsbars, which proved difficult as they were in the fridge previous; I would suggest leaving them out of the fridge if you plan to do this.

Once the milk had warmed up a bit I dropped all the chopped up mars into the pan, and mixed it until it all melted in, Just before the milk was about to boil I pulled it off the hob and put a teaspoon of hot-chocolate powder in two mugs and then poured the milky-mars goodness, gave it a little stir, swirled some whipped cream on the top then sprinkled some crumbles chop chip cookie over the top.

Thinking back I really should of taken pictures but at the time it didn't seem like something I would be writing about.

Come to think of it I still have some "Terry's Chocolate Orange with Honeycomb" and some "White Toblerone" both of which I feel would taste great melted in a mug, will probably try one of these later as I feel it could be something of epic proportions.

God Speed.


  1. Now I wanna drink hot chocolate!

  2. I want to try the Mars hot chocolate. Aero hot chocolate is amazing.