Friday, 6 January 2012

Appox - What a guy!

Having received my student loan and grant and not wanting to end up blowing it all on hookers or alcohol I decided to invest in a new PC cause my laptop is shit and I've been hanging with my buddy Appox and playing a ton of steam games lately and gettting back into the PC scene, the ol' boy is even helping me choose the best parts.

So I've got the PC parts sorted, I'll show you specifics later when I've built it.

I already have a few decent games on steam, a few humblebundles and the likes but was definitely looking to invest in the valve pack and various other games on steam,

Not only did Appox help me choose my PC parts he asked around his friends for any coupons they were not using from the Christmas gift period; he then traded me 41 items!

Check my inventory :

I must give a shout-out to Appox for all his help! You should all check this guy out! He has some awesome videos! Check his youtube channel HERE!

But for good measure I have added a few of them below! Enjoy

Boxes Can Confuse

They Are Watermelons - Ep4 - Rainbows

Check him out! He's a cool guy!


  1. Well done on the building your own PC scene... it's turning into a lost art these days.

  2. Hi. I noticed your question on the Blogger forums that was asking what we thought of your blog?
    I like it. The genre is not my style but I think this is amazing. The background is nice, I like your banner and title and it's a good blog. Don't give up. You may not have alot of viewers but do not stop posting.


  3. Yes, but is he single?