Monday, 28 October 2013

Blackfish : A must see documentary.

I feel bad for neglecting this place. I am not spending a third as much time on my PC as I once was, its rare I get time to sit and think let alone think of interesting things to write about.

Canny sleep tonight so just popping on to suggest a film for you all, if anyone is still with me, to watch.

I am recommending you all try and watch Blackfish. I have recently and I experienced a variety of emotions throughout. Its not a film for those easily upset or angered because I can assure you it will make you hurt on the inside, they'll probably be tears and an anger will surely be felt, even if just a little.

I can see why 'Blackfish' got a 98% on RottenTomatoes. It's a harrowing documentary about Killer Whales in captivity entwined with plenty of real footage of these whales attacking and killing humans at SeaWorld, as well as interviews with past trainers and witnesses to these events.

The film is an indictment of SeaWorld, its safety practices, its animal husbandry, its mendacity, and its whole reason for being. SeaWorlds attempts to cover it up and pass the blame is shameful to say the least. Blackfish is definitely worth a watch. Be warned it's a very emotionally captivating hour and a half that will change your outlook on animals in captivity.

Maybe I'll return soon, who knows.


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