Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Olympic Dream is Alive.

I know I know, I really have been leaving it too long to write on this thing, but with a new job and spending a lot of time away from my PC now I am back home for summer it's tricky for me to get involved on the bloggerverse.

I really felt the need to bring some excellent news to you guys (whoever is still reading, yeah you!) you see my brother Charles Cousins was officially selected today to represent Great Britain in the coming Olympic Games, and I could not be more proud of him.

"Charles Cousins is one of five rowers with Cambridge connections to be called up to the Great Britain Olympic squad.

Cousins, who writes a blog for the News website, will compete in the quadruple sculls, alongside Stephen Rowbotham, Tom Solesbury and Matthew Wells"- Cambridge Evening News

We kinda knew deep down that him and the lads would make it, they have been putting a ton of effort in lately and really deserve the shot at an Olympic Gold Medal.

I remember when he first started out and we went to watch him row in an indoor arena in Birmingham, the place was packed with youngsters starting out and it was an exciting experience, the race started, we saw his little boat icon on the leaderboard racing across the screen, suddenly he jumps off the machine and throws up in a nearby bucket/bin, we are all thinking "Oh god what's happened" turns out he had finished the race but got a little sea sick on the way,

Ever since then he has been such a great inspiration, not only to me but to many others in the rowing scene and Team GB as a whole.

He's visited schools, been the local celeb for local events and is always up for sharing his enthusiasm for the sport to the youngsters who are taking it up.

In 2008 Charles narrowly missed a chance at the competing in Olympics however I can only see this as a good thing, it really has given him and the lads time to work their butts off to get the strokes and state of mind down to a tee; that in hand with the determination to make it this time around.

The hours put in, all the training all the sweat, it really has paid off and they're on their way to *fingers crossed* an Olympic medal.

As a brother there is nothing that pleases me more, my sister has recently gotten engaged, my brother is in the Olympics....Bring on the Summer!


  1. Heart this! Mr charlie cousins makes it big time!

  2. What you going to do the Will?