Sunday, 22 April 2012

Win Steam Games. "Photoshop-Me" : take two.

Before when I ran this I only had the competition open for a day or so and to a select few and for a little joke, you can see the results here.

However this time the competition is going to run until April 30th with better prizes!

All you are required to do is with the aid of photoshop (or any photo editing software; yes paint counts) create or edit a fun/serious/dramatic/exagerrative image...heck do whatever you like with one or more of the images below (however please keep them safe for work).

If you know me and have access to any other images feel free to use them.

There are 6 prizes;

For the five images I like the most I will buy you any 1 item on steam that is no more than $10, this can be a gift for you or a gift for a friend, you earned it.

That's not all

Private giveaway on SteamGifts if you are a member contact me after entering and I will add you to the draw.

You can use as little or as much of these images as you so desire however you must be able to clearly see my face in your production.

There are no limits to how many entries you can have :)

Anyone with Steam can enter! Spread the word.


If all entries could be emailed to (yes I spelt william with 3 l's when i signed up so make sure to spell it with 3 l's. inb4 nub) with 'Photoshop-Me' as the title, it would be easiest.

Feel free to comment and share pics here too! I will upload every entry once competiton has finished!


  1. Already sent... :) Hope you liked my idea I put on Pic7.

  2. I just Photoshopped you so hard, you'll need smelling salts to recover.

  3. What is the green drink on pic 1 :O

    1. Some fucking rancid pint called the terminator or something.

    2. Gonna try that one of these days. Thanks, mate :P

    3. or just try absinthe its green to and if you drink to much you can see litle elfs ;D